just for you

Bloggy, this next few pictures are just for you, I just took my camera and made a few snapshots of my balcony, you see it's pretty green there

balcony 1

and do you see the tomatoes? I love the fact that I have tomatoes this year, how do you like it?

oh, and also my knitting:

knitting 1



THAT'S you're knitting? What is it? I mean don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you took the time and made pictures, and your balcony looks inviting! but that picture of the knitting is bad. I have no idea what I see. I believe it could be lace, sort of, in case the pattern below belongs to the knitting above, but then the yarn is pretty bulky, soooo .... is it lace?


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  1. I love your tomatoes. We have a full veggie garden this year. Our dogs are not thrilled with the prospect.


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