so Nemo got finished and packed and shipped just in time to arrive at its new home. He is being loved very much already, I received a call yesterday telling me Nemo is being soaked up in saliva by its 6-month-old daddy now. So cute.

I didn't have the time to take proper pictures unfortunately but I'll share the crappy mobile pics I have ^__^



In the end I enjoyed making him a lot, even though I still find working on order to be very very hard for me. I just can't find enough motivation finishing things.
Meanwhile I think about posting the pattern here, I hesitate because of copyright, which of course is not mine, even though I made the pattern from scratch the figure "Nemo" is owned by pixar. Well, a little more thinking on this side. In case any of you designers read my blog, do you have experience in such a case?

crochet hugs,


lol, now that I read this again, saliva sounds very technical, so babys saliva isn't saliva right? I mean technical it is, but what do you say? spittle? drool?, just wondering

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  1. Hi, Diana! I am again very happy to hear from you :)Neo turned our so nice finally! Cute little fish :) Though I see that It took quiet some time to finish it.
    I don't know whether there is an issue with copyright in this case. I made a Russian cartoon character recently, and also thought of making a pattern for it.
    have a nice day!

  2. Disney holds the copyright to the animated clownfish character, Nemo.

    But, you can publish a clownfish pattern.

    1. that's true, I can just publish a clownfish pattern :) thanks

  3. hi, i was wondering if you could share how the head started, until you did the first change to white. I have to make some sort of bear and that's how i would like to make the snout thing, i just haven't figured out how. black_rose_03@hotmail.com

    or is it the same beginning from your other fish pattern?

    thank you

  4. Hi k.i.
    The beginning is quite different from my other fish. I will publish the pattern tomorrow, so you can use it :)
    Have a great Sunday, Diana


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