distraction #1 or how I design #3

Okay I can't fokus on anything else at the moment so let me get this out of my head first. Maybe I can finally find some space in my head to concentrate on the last update of Klaras pattern then.

Mmh, where do I start, probably at the beginning. Over Christmas holidays I finally had some time to read through my blog roll. There was quite a bit piled up there because of the advent calendar. But what I found in my blog roll was all sorts of really beautiful crochet. Like this scarf here out this 'blanket' or this. And of course there was pinterest too! Oh dear there is so much gorgeous crochet already pinned there! So a little voice inside me started whispering .. Let's make a new blanket .. And I came across ripple blankets. And then I remembered a picture I had seen on instagram a while ago. It showed a ripple blanket with a slightly different pattern, kind of like this stone floor here

And so I couldn't help anymore, I NEEDED to make a blanket. A ripple blanket. A slightly off patterned ripple blanket. I had a plan.

Last weekend me and two friends went to Hamburg. I originally planned to only buy yarn for a new hat for my boyfriend and ended up buying yarn for my new blanket and the hat, and a little linen, a wonderful dark gray, just in case (one can never have enough yarn..)

And then I sat down on my sofa and started working on the design for my blanket. In the picture below you can see some of the progress. I first started to experiment a little with sc and dc to mimic the effect of the stone floor above. The instagram picture was still very present. But I didn't really like the outcome and couldn't see the pattern look awesome the size of a whole blanket. So I googled. And came across wave patterns. It hit me. This was how I wanted my blanket to look like. And picture 2 to 6 below show the progress. First it was a bit too edgy, so I made the curve softer. And a few trials later I had the basic pattern for my blanket.


I casted on, very roughly eyeballing. After three rows I could estimate the real width I'd end up with. Way too long (2.4m) .. I frogged


And now three seven days of sketching, researching, designing, crocheting and frogging later I can start started over again, test the pattern I've written down and make my Baltic Ripple Blanket .. I feel happy (you also can tell by the striked words, how much I really can't fokus on anything else...)


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