I guess . . .

. . . I'll never make an i-cord again!

Hey everybody, I know it's getting sort of quiet around here, it's still this shameful combination of work, more work and secret projects that keep me from blogging BUT I tried a new crochet technique yesterday: macrame! plus I'm having a week off next week - yepp vacations =^_^=

Crochet macrame is not really a NEW technique but it was new to me. I was searching for a new way to create wings for my amigurumis and stumbled over this nice tutorial on macrame in an old issue of Anne magazine. At the beginning of every macrame project you start with long cords, looong crocheted cords, that look terrific and work up pretty fast (if you found out how to start them) and they have a gorgeous and tight feel to the hand and I think I never ever will make i-cord again! I always break my fingers and freak of breaking my knitting needles when I want to make icord, but macrame cords do the same job, almost the same size and shape and they are pretty too


I'm having a date with a hairdresser tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, because I've never been to this barbershop before and don't know who will cut my hair, so I'm nervous - I think some of you ladies will understand me.
You may wonder why I don't have someone I trust and who always does my hair, well my original hairdresser moved away and I searched some years until I found someone new, but when I called last week there was somebody telling me the shop no longer exists!!! The haircutter would come to my home, but this felt too strange to even consider it as a possibilty. So I'm meeting someone new tomorrow and hope this will not ne an aweful mistake - more tomorrow

to give you an idea what macrame can look like, picture from Anne magazine

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