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There are alot of ways to create doll hair. You can crochet every single hair at a time, you can use fun fur and receive hair very quickly. You can embroider a nice hairstyle to your dolls head. You also could knot hair by hair to the head or make a fringe and start from this to have full hair that's blowing in the wind.
This tutorial will show all ways I know of and explain how you can create them. Therefore I sorted the single parts of this tutorial like this: fun fur hair, crocheted hairstyles, embroidered haircuts and fringe style hair.


Until now I preferred fun fur or fuzzy yarn to give a doll some hair. It's very fast and looks very full.
For some real good tips on working with fuzzy yarn I would like to link to June of PlanetJune, she shares some real good information on fuzzy yarns.
I also would like to add one more tip: use a hook that's big enough. This helps alot seeing your stitches and it's not necessary to crochet tight when you want to make hair.

You can crochet simply in the round, like you would when making the head of your doll, increase for as many rows as necessary but don't get a bigger circumfarance than the dolls head. Now go from here and crochtet a few more rows without increasing. You receive a wig or a furry cap that you can use as hair.

you also can create other styles like a Mohawk haircut (I use this alot for my trolls, a Mohawk suits best for trolls I think ^_^)

The directions for this are:
1 -- chain 25
2 -- start in 3rd stitch from hook: make a double crochet (dc), make a dc in next st, triple crochet (tc) into the next 4 sts, dc into the next 5 sts, single crochet (sc) into next 12 sts
3 -- continue on other side of starting chain: sc 12 times, dc 5 times, tc 4 times, dc into next 2 sts and end with a slipstitch
Bind Off

cut your yarn and leave a quite long yarn end

To cut a long yarn end is a good tip for every hairstyle, this way you can use the yarn end to sew the hair to the head and don't need to add extra yarn (extra yarn means extra ends to weave in)

crocheted hairstyles

To crochet a haircut is as easy as to crochet your doll. You can use the same type of yarn you used for your doll and of course the same hook. You can crochet Ponytails or piggy tails like in this picture from the talented May (check out Isabelle and her flickr profile: pureEva).

Above is a picture of the style I just made, something that should look like thick curled hair, a little bit rasta style - maybe it reminds some of you of Carl, Jimmy Neutrons llama-loving friend, cause his hair is what I had in mind when making these:

When you want to recreate it go like this:

Edit: dr is a double ring, and m2 stands for a simpl increase: make two sts in one

1 -- make a dr with 5 sts
2 -- m2 x5
3 til 5 -- sc 10 sts
6 -- sc8, sc2tog
7 -- sc7, sc2tog
8 -- sc6, sc2tog
9 -- sc5, sc2tog

1 -- make a dr with 6 sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 til 4 -- sc 12 sts
5 -- sc10, sc2tog
6 -- sc9, sc2tog
7 -- sc8, sc2tog
8 -- sc7, sc2tog
9 -- sc6, sc2tog
10 -- sc5, sc2tog

1 -- make a dr with 8 sts
2 -- m2 x8
3 til 4 -- sc 16 sts
5 -- sc14, sc2tog
6 -- sc13, sc2tog
7 -- sc12, sc2tog
8 -- sc11, sc2tog
9 -- sc10, sc2tog
10 -- sc9, sc2tog
11 -- sc8, sc2tog
12 -- sc7, sc2tog
13 -- sc6, sc2tog

I made 3xA, 4xB, 2xC and sorted like this: C-B-C-B-A-A-B-A-B

after I've joined everything I crocheted in the round and decreased: (sc2tog, sc1) * for the first row, and sc2tog all sts of last row, bind off and leave a long yarn tail, hide all yarn ends of the single "hair curls" and use the long tail to sew it to the head.
You might like to stuff the single "hair curls", if you don't they would form a little closer to the head.

When crochting you can also make curly hair by adding bobbles as you go: start like you would for making the head of your doll and add bobbles as you go, every few stitches in more acurate way (every second row every 2nd st for example) or wherever it fits and you would like your bobble to be.

Another way for curly hair would be to add chained stitches:

Above you also can see my troll with a short haired curly wig.

To make something like this:

1 -- start just like for a regular doll head
2 -- creating a hair: chain 6 sts, and starting in 2nd stitch from hook sc into the next 5 sts.
3 -- go on with the pattern of yourdolls head

for this short haired version I made "hair" every 3 sts and every 2nd row. The row inbetween two "hair-rows" was very helpful to keep track of my sts. See the picture below for understanding the first stitch after a hair and the last stitch before a hair (green arrows). When you crochet around a hair take care that you hold the "hair" away from you, behind your yarn and hook.

When you elongate the chains they start curling automatically and might look like the hair of this beautiful bride, created by the lovely Adi (see her profile at flickr: slipstich)

Adi also added that she made this couple for her sister's wedding invitation. Since she has lots of curly hair it took her almost a week to crochet the hair. The rest of the doll took 3 days....
And these acurate curling curls were made a little bit different than mine:

Each curl is made of two rows:

1 -- chain 30 (more or less, depending on location)
2 -- 2x hdc in every second ch.

One more word on the width: never become bigger than the size of your dolls head. The wig / cap will stretch and therefore fit your doll. If you're not sure test the size as you go as often as you like. You might like to loosen your tension a little to be absolutely sure your hair will fit your dolls head.

embroidered haircuts

when you like embroidering you might like to prefer this method. It creates very neat and realistic hairstyles. You can add different colored spots to add even more reality to this dolls head.

Have a look at the beautiful dolls made by Mia (ravelry link). She also has written up a very detailed and informative tutorial on how you can create this type of hair. I couldn't do any better so have a look at this great tutorial.

fringe style hair

to make a fringe is a fantastic way to have really long hair, hair that you even could comb.

There are three ways to add hair like this: one would be a crocheted frindge (when making a new stitch hold a loop with your finger and continue to crochet). This works just like written above, you start like for a doll head and crochet in the round until your wig is finished. But there's a rub in it. I would not cut these fringes, they might come off too easily.

Another way is to add hair by hair: knotting. Knotting can create very long hair, since you cut your desired hair length before adding it to the head

Here's just a little example of how it might look. You can cut it and I think (I don't have long time experience with it) that a pure wool yarn might be better, it could felt a little and help keeping the single pieces of hair in place.

step by step pics:

Making a fringe with a lace loom is a real cool way that creates great hair for shorter hair cuts. Christen of Creepy Cute Crochet has written up a very handy tutorial for making a fringe with a lace loom.
I've tried it with a piece of card bord which I cutted to the size I wanted and it works very well:


I hope I added everything that's worth mentioning.
Many thanks to June, May, Adi, Mia and Christen


Please see my flickr pics on this tutorial for the big pictures

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I've always had trouble with amigurumi hair, this is really helpful!

  2. irre, was für eine arbeit du dir mit den tutorials machst - ich lese jeden ganz aufmerksam und habe mir schon einiges abqkn können.

    sein wissen so zu teilen ist nicht selbstverständlich, und umso mehr wert ist es mir.

    hab tausend dank!
    viele grüsse, Cecie

  3. WOW! I tip my hat to you! What a great tutorial, Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh thank you so much, just last week I was looking all over the place for a good tutorial! I found this link through Whip Up.

  5. I found you via whip up! So cool!! Great, thorough, tutorial!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I love the crocheted hair! Bethany (yarnorgy)

  7. i like these tutorials a lot, thanks for sharing! i will try them for sure :)

  8. I love the curly hair there...

  9. Fantastic tutorial! I was just thinking about amigurumi hair in general and wondering how Adi made the hair on her bride too!

  10. This tutorial is awesome!! Thanks!! Can you tell me where to find the pattern for the doll on this tutorial?

  11. Great post, really help me alot. Thanks.

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  12. awesome tutorial.Thank you!

  13. Thank You for this tutorial!
    I wanted to share with you how I use this wig on a doll I've mad...


    Thanks again!

  14. Hi!
    First of all, THANK YOU, this has been reaaaally helpful :D

    Just noticed that it was posted a looong time ago but still... I just must say that I adore the design of the specific ami-doll that you use in this tutorial to show off the different "hairstyles". Any chance at all that you'd wanna post the pattern for the doll itself? I so love the ears ^______^

  15. Hi Lynn

    chances are pretty good, I had planed this for some time, only time itself is missing ;) but I'm working on this


  16. Hey, I love your curly hair, but I am a little confused, could you possibly make a more detailed tutorial on the curly hair? or maybe just add some picture of how to make it?

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Sarah/daddygodknittedme,

    I will try to explain a bit more here :)

    first to shape the wig you simple use the pattern of the head of your doll, this way you can make sure it will fit the head :) you also should use the same type of yarn to really make sure it fits

    then you add the curly "hair", but only add a "hair" every second row of the wig, you can keep track of your stitches more easily

    to make a "hair" you only make a chain and crochet back like in this picture: http://www.mygurumi.de/sonstiges/chain_crochet.jpg
    for short hair like in with my doll: chain 6 sts, and starting in 2nd stitch from hook sc into the next 5 sts
    to make longer hair, just elongate the "hair-chains"

    hope this helps :)
    take care,

  18. oh, I forgot to add, at first the wig will look very weird and even kind of "wrong" but once you made about 7 or 8 rows you can see that the wig will become what you wished for :)

  19. Hi!! Thank's for the tutorial. I'm starting with amigurumi and it's very helpful, but I'm having some problems with the curly hair, 'cause I don't understand the instructions so well.
    Could you help me?
    do I have to make the same circle as if i was doing a head, then, after finished, add every hair round by round? I'm confused, because i've done the head in spiral.

  20. Hi Casi,

    yes you start with the same circle just like for the head and then you add every single hair, round by round. it takes quite a while but after a few rounds you see what you will get and it gets fun again ;)

  21. I love the ears of the guy you use. Do you have a pattern or tutorial for them?

  22. Hi Allison,

    I don't have the pattern published yet, but I plan it very soon. It's one of my trolls.

    glad you like it :)


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