Chubby Fish PATTERN

finally Charly will get a friend, the pattern for Chubby is finished and ready to download, it's a free pattern so you may wish to give some more friends to Charly ^__^

press DOWNLOAD to download (it's a ravelry link but should work for everybody else as well - please leave me a message or comment if otherwise)

please respect my copyright and don't sell any Chubbys you made.


when I write "turn" in the second row please don't really turn but continue to crochet on the other side of the chain. This way you create a round that you can build the next rows onto. I will update the pdf as well.

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  1. Oh so sweet, i become a ant soon so i think this is a lovely present for the little one

    Thx for the pattern

  2. thank you for this, i'm not sure whether to start with this or the flower. i keep trying to do amigurumi but always fail. i can only keep trying. thank you for posting free patterns x

  3. I have two kids. One is five and another is three. I plan to get the fish pattern for the younger one. A very sweet gift for the cute one.

  4. Hello, I'm trying to make the chubby fish but I get stuck on the Dorsal fin, second row: "start in 2nd chain from hook: sc6, m3 into last chain, turn, sc6" I simply just don't get it. Which is the last chain?

  5. Thanks for Chubby Fish, following your pattern I made mine. I post in my blog a photo and your pattern.

  6. so nice..a have done do this..

  7. Nice chubby fish..I like it..Trying hard to make it..haha..
    And I link this site to my blog.

  8. Your work is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the patterns and the inspiration.

  9. Hi dear, I want to thank you for your pattern and for your all blog. Is so inspiring!!!. I made a Chubby fish and I posted him in my blog. I hope you like it. Kisses


  10. Hi! you're great, i lov eyou amigurumi, they're lovely :3
    I'm making the chubby fish and I have a question, I'm at the fist step.. do I gotta make only m2? or a sc between each m2? I hope you can answer me :) I'll leave you my e-mail: gaby.oshin@gmail.com
    thank you for the pattern!

  11. Hi!

    Thanks for the wonderful pattern! I've already made two of them and posted pictures on my blog: http://made-in-k-town.blogspot.com/2011/06/fishing-for-compliments.html
    Of course I linked back to your site! :)


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