over the seas

my new blanket starts to grow:


meine neue Decke wächst und wächst:


in case you wondered about the weird language above, I was thinking about blogging bilingual again and figured why not just start :), so maybe you like to read both texts, it's German

happy first of May, Diana

btw this is the last post about this blanket

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  1. I like your new blanket Diana. Nice cool colors, and it wil be finsihed soon I think.
    I like German language anyway, so of course pleas blog bilingually.I might learn few words this way :)

    1. cool :) Herzlich Willkommen - welcome in German :)

      I think the blanket will still take a while, I'm in a good blanket mood at the moment but I think I will feel the knitting urge soon, there is a summer shirt I want to knit as well

    2. It is okay, you shall enjoy what you hand made :) I am making a blanket for teh past few months already..I dont know why but I am not excited about it, so it is working up so slow!
      I also wanted to make a ripple blanket, but in green\lemon\yellow colors :)
      Thanks for German lessons!

    3. Maybe you want to wait a little with your own blanket and try my Baltic ripple pattern? I want to publish it in a few days and search for testers. But please don't feel the pressure to try my design :-D


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