under the sea

so I started on a mermaid - yesterday in the evening I finally made some research on mermaids, tail forms, length and everything and I started to crochet, the caudal fins were a little tricky to realize but I think they look good now.

I also continued a little on my little critters and ordered new yarn to finish my critter monkey, that only has a head and ears at the moment. All the other critters more or less only require eyes now. So I think the pattern is about to be started to be written down.

But like I know myself, the mermaid has got my attention now and writing the patterns will take a few more days (on the other hand my vacations are over and I need to return to work tomorrow - it's not like I couldn't stay at home a few more days, but I might find some time on the computer there . . . or in the evenings when I'm too tired to crochet)


  1. Now that's the trick to shaping...RESEARCH! LoL! The tail looks fabulous and I'm sure the rest will too! Great job!

  2. lol =)

    research is not really the trick of shaping it's a good way to see how you want your tail to bend, which way, how long, you know ;o)
    the shaping happens is testing and retesting

  3. Ooo I'm loving the shape already :)


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