cherry pie, apple kisses

everything was cool! (citation of good love from Prince)

I'm back from my weekend in Berlin and I had a blast! I met with some other Prince-Fans and we spent the whole time laughing and talking about music in general and Prince in particular and I didn't even get to sleep, so I'm still a bit tired even if I got to bed pretty early yesterday.

The cool weekend started out fantastic too! On the train I started crocheting some arms for the bald heads when I heard someone breath behind me, slowly but steady, inhaling and exhaling. I thought the person behind me might have fallen asleep and fell over to the front now leaning to the chair next to me and I felt a little shy to turn around and look into the open mouth of a sleeping stranger. But the breathing continued and I finally turned around. There was a little girl watching me crochet. As soon as she knew I knew she jumped around and I started showing and explaning what I did. The rest of the ride Anne (that was her name) and me were crocheting together, she is a little natural talent: her first try looked a bit like breaking fingers but turned out great. Anne learned weaving at school and now she makes a rug for her doll house, next thing she plans is learn how to crochet and make dolls.

And today I recieved an email, subject: Glubschi & Picker (round eyed & pecker)
included was this cute picture

The story of . . .
Round Eyed and Pecker
1: peck
2: glance
3: perspiring feet
4: faint

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