During the last days I didn't felt like crocheting at all.
It's summer weather out there; with temperatures at 25° C. But since I still got some custom orders to finish I decided to spent this weekend at home, and by the way it's colder again.
There are some pigeons to be finished, some devilish trolls and lions.

Während der letzten Tage hatte ich keine große Lust zu häkeln, das Wetter war ja bombig - aber weil da immer noch ein paar Bestellungen auf ihre Fertigstellung warten, habe ich dieses Wochenende wieder zur Nadel gegriffen ;) und mich mit Teufelstrollen und Löwen beschäftigt; ausserdem wartet da auch noch ein Taubenpärchen auf seine Beine.



I've finished a new amigurumi, its a pigeon and its name is Alfred (named after the bothering pigeon sitting on my windowsill and waking me up every morning)

its actually only been some timespending away from my pc, cause at the time I'm working at my website and all this stupid html and css is not making me happy at all

a sideview, you can see its tail


hello world

hey everybody

now I have started a blog as well, seems like everybody does so, and now I finally got sth to talk about: my crafting
but first let me introduce myself: my name is Diana, I'm 27 and working as a biologist, I'm single (at the moment) and I got no kids or any pets, some might wonder why I'm crafting - but I love crafting
I'm sewing and knitting for years, last year I made my first knitted afghan, and since then - no more scarfs, it's just not satisfing me any longer
this year I've started to crochet amigurumis (that is why the name of this site came up)
I simply adore this little creatures and how they input my fantasy. it's pure inspiration
until now all my puppets are my own design and seems like there are so many more ideas in my mind that this blog will have a lot to write/read about