I grow

says bear, without a name ;-)

I made the legs now and really like the outcome, I attached them with buttons, so the legs are pose-able and he can sit :-)

bear 2

still I'm searching for a name, thanks all who posted in the last post, there are a few names I REALLY like and I thought I will put all names I like after finishing Bear into a bowl and pick one blind, this way I will find a name, and the lucky winner will get the pattern first :-)


name me

I crochet again, the impulse to crochet actually carried on and so this little fellow starts to live. Big belly, even bigger head with small ears but big eyes to come. No clue on what kind of arms I'll like (short, long, clumsy, thin or thick) but he will walk on big feet. Oh yeah and he is missing a name, so far the bear is a "he" but that might just be the dark brown.


any ideas? also I might add that I plan to make it a good bear with little wings and a bad bear with little horns and tail ;-)


so today

is a special day, it's my birthday or as a dear friend of mine said this morning it's my sternchen-day ;-)
and to celebrate
I crochet a bit again, made some sketches yesterday for a handsome bear, watch out

hugs, Diana



do you remember this big experiment?

now I do it again and dye ready made clothes, I found a fabulous trench coat, fantastic cut and silhouette but the color was too ordinary for my taste, great price too, so I bought it and am now dying it in the washing machine and am thrilled to see the result. The original color was a pale old rose - I added may green - and hope to receive a green that's strong but not too intense



still moist therefore only an impression of the color - limey =^__^=


7 things

I just received an award from goldibug - thanks my friend :-)

and one thing this award includes is to share seven things about myself that you probably don't knew yet, so I thought I might just do that

1 - on Sundays I like to wear pajamas all day long
2 - I like chive sandwiches the most
3 - my bed is placed on 4 tables - like to sleep higher AND a lot of yarn space underneath
4 - I didn't dare to start reading the last Harry Potter for almost two weeks because once I started I knew it was going to end and I just couldn't stand the idea of Harry Potter ending
5 - I don't really care about the full moon, what bothers me is the new moon
6 - I feed my facebook aquarium every day - twice!
7 - a giant plush spider is watching over my jewelry box