do you remember this big experiment?

now I do it again and dye ready made clothes, I found a fabulous trench coat, fantastic cut and silhouette but the color was too ordinary for my taste, great price too, so I bought it and am now dying it in the washing machine and am thrilled to see the result. The original color was a pale old rose - I added may green - and hope to receive a green that's strong but not too intense



still moist therefore only an impression of the color - limey =^__^=

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  1. Fun! If you still have the red hair it's going to look awesome! It will probably look awesome no matter what but I think red hair would make it stand out more :)

  2. hihi
    I still have the red hair (I could never NOT have the red hair) and when the coat is dry I will take one more picture wearing it :-)

  3. grrrroßartig
    grrrrüne Farbe.
    Zu roten Haaren fast ein Muss.

    Ich gäbe was drum, wenn ich´s tragen könnte. Nur mein Blog hat die Farbe und ihm steht es gut.


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