Twist Collective Sping 2013

it's there :)

and I kinda love it, there are quite a few thingies in there, especially cardigans that caught my eye. But the one thing that I'm really about to order is the Lyssia. The butterflys are just toooo cute not to make them!

Did yozu read the issue already? there's alos a huge troubleshooting part in there! very helpful.

have a lovely weekend


long way to go

a little progress picture on my afghan, you might remember it. I think I will stick with eight squares wide and see if I can get myself to work up to six more rows - which would mean to work another 48 squares, and that actually doesn't sound too intimidating..

throwing flowers grows

wish me luck ^__^




so Nemo got finished and packed and shipped just in time to arrive at its new home. He is being loved very much already, I received a call yesterday telling me Nemo is being soaked up in saliva by its 6-month-old daddy now. So cute.

I didn't have the time to take proper pictures unfortunately but I'll share the crappy mobile pics I have ^__^



In the end I enjoyed making him a lot, even though I still find working on order to be very very hard for me. I just can't find enough motivation finishing things.
Meanwhile I think about posting the pattern here, I hesitate because of copyright, which of course is not mine, even though I made the pattern from scratch the figure "Nemo" is owned by pixar. Well, a little more thinking on this side. In case any of you designers read my blog, do you have experience in such a case?

crochet hugs,


lol, now that I read this again, saliva sounds very technical, so babys saliva isn't saliva right? I mean technical it is, but what do you say? spittle? drool?, just wondering