dangerous dangerous yarn

I didn't hurt myself but I hurt my wallet and my future spare time. I haven't bought any new yarn for ages, and I mean ages (a few month if not a whole year at least) and then I got sick and started to browse the interwebs and ravelry and found new patterns I'd like to make some day and then I started to buy yarn. Not for specific projects or any specific purpose. I saw beautiful yarn in a shop and thought of a simple stripe cardigan, maybe a Goodale.

IMAG0191-1 IMAG0190-1

Then I went to a little stitch'n'bitch and we all went to a yarn shop and whoops, new yarn in my shopping bag. I had no idea what this two little mini skeins once would be, I just loved the colors:


browsing ravelry and it's "search for certain yardages in patterns" function I found Zuzu's petals and think it will be perfect for the yarn above. I also got my very first Zauberball, which I still need to find a project for, so long I will admire it.


yesterday I've been to a knit meeting again and someone had Madelinetosh in her pocket she wanted to sell. I fell in love with the color (again) and needed to have it. Again searching the ravelry search function (I live this!) I came across Drift away and needed to buy the pattern immidiatly...


someone please stop me, I don't want to start so many projects when I have a few already on my needles and hooks.

Do you suffer from "startitis" as well?


:/ and :)

a few pictures today, first some progress on my new amigurumi the crab, I wanted a shell that was a bit asymmetrical and a tad tilted and what I came up with looks exactly as I imagined it BUT I don't really like it, it's just not as cute as I imagined it. It looks like the picture I had in mind but turns out to be not as cute:

Crab progress

and second some street art I found on the way to a knit meeting today, (while being there I worked on my Revival, which will be a dress sooner or later)

Street art berlin

did you see anything cool today?


something is missing here

the new amigurumi grows and grows, I would say it's able to walk now...

Crab progress

but I also have this strange feeling something is missing, oh it's its shell ^__^ please don't mind me being a little silly. I love how it gets together. Its legs are so cute... I found myself playing with them yesterday night.

Right now I think I want to call him Wesley. The whole crushing thing and me being a little geeky and a Trekkie, I think I just can't help it.

But in case you sit in front of your screen now and yell a totally different name at me, please feel free to write a comment.


editing just to include HOW much I'm joking around with crabster


What's it called when a crab pinches you?

it can't be pinch, can it? I mean when a crab "bites" its claw into your hand it must be a different, a more stronger word than pinch. I just can't believe it could be something like pinch, to pinch just sound like I'm teasing my loved ones.

Anyhow on yesterdays post and also on flickr and twitter I got some nice guessings and the right one was found pretty fast: I'm working on a crab. A simple easy red crab.

New amigurumi

and that's also the reason why I wonder what it's called when a crab gets you. If you have an idea please leave a comment

late weekly flashback

I'm having vacation and totally lost track of days ö_Ö so I share my Sunday flashback on a Monday

|seen| the sea, yay, no, double-YAY |heard| sea gull and swallow tweets, so relaxing! |learned| I had an "Ah-moment" with my latest crochet project (which I will share later today) |read| Divergent by Veronica Roth, I needed to start a new book as I just couldn't finish my last read (Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce) I couldn't get used to the style it's written in at all |done| packing and un-packing bags, singing while driving |eaten| strawberries, strawberries, strawberries AND strawberies |drunk| strawberry and banana smoothies |thought| about curving crochet |been pleased| with the beautiful weather during my little trip to the sea, rain during all week BUT the three days at the sea, thx universe |got annoyed| nothing really ... oh I got a sun burn, so maybe my stupid self |wished| what can you wish for with a view like the one above? |bought| nothing, YAY... I had enough to unpack from my "illness-haul" |clicked| twitter

does anyone else sing while driving? ♥


Guess Me

I'm working on a new amigurumi, to give you a sneak peak here is a pic

Guess me

can you guess what it will be?


updating a DIY

oh I totally forgot to add a few pictures to the DIY customize mac palette post. I've updated this now, it now not only includes HOW to customize the palettes with rubber foam but now it also includes some ideas to actually customize it. Please follow the link if you want to see.

oh and guess what? I felt crochet yesterday. I tweeted about it and then I actually crocheted ö_Ö I will take my little new critter with me the next three days (I'm going on a work related trip to the sea) and hope to blog about it with my phone.

Hope you all have a fab week


weekly flashback with some yarn

so normally I write a little text on my last week. This last week however was only filled with the couch or the bed, some tea, some pasta and very little knitting. I used the last week to recover completely from my summer flu and now feel a lot better. I'd say I'm 98% healthy again.

and today I spent the day with yarn. I organized my stash for ravelry. Finally I have every yarn in my stash with a picture and yardage.


breakfast for winners

quick Hello from me, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Just found this on facebook and thought I'd share, because it's such a simple yet fantastic idea :)

What did you have for breakfast? If I had seen this earlier I might have prepared this but I had a smoothie from bananas and strawberries


What’s an octopuses favourite latin saying?

Squid pro quo!

just found this on youtube:

it's soooo darn cool and it reminds me I wanted to crochet a baby octopus a while back, I might jump back onto this plan

btw. I'm still in bed with a flu browsing the internet and I did shop some more (shame on me)


what do you do when you're ill at home?

well, when I feel well enough to actually not fall asleep every minute and keep my eyes open long enough, I shop online, I try to read, I search the internet for new cool things, whatever flows by me, I shop online.

Did I mention I shop online? this really kills my wallet every time I'm at home with a flu, I don't really have a clue where my online shopaholism (is this even a word?) comes from but it's only there when I'm ill at home that I find the need for so many new things. So far I've ordered new equipment to go with my new camera (a new crumpler camera bag, a lense, a book about photography) and I just stopped myself from ordering a, what we call a Friesennerz where I come from, which is basically a north german rain coat, a fancy one though. But WHEN does it actually happen that I step out into pouring rain? willing to face the pouring rain? without any umbrella? and enjoying it? Do you dance in the rain? I never, not on purpose.

oh and I search for new cool things, just one afternoon and I found bodyrock.tv. I need to try this even though it looks like pain. They also have a youtube channel which I already subscribed to.

And to compensate all the weight I will loose (because I will train so hard #wink, not really) I found out about crock pots, they might not be new to you, but they are to me. Slow cookers are not common in my country and even though I know slow cooking methods I didn't know there were actually pots just for this one purpose. The page that brought me to crock pots was this article about no-knead bread in a cock pot btw.

what do you do when you are ill at home?


best bit of my weekend



I've been in bed with a serious flu and fever half last week so the best bit of my weekend is (as sad as it is) my fever is gone and I almost feel like a human being again. I still cough and sneeze and sound wonky and therefore I'm not writing a weekly flashback this week, there wouldn't be much to tell on the other hand; I drank lots of tea though... and last weeks winner is still not found





this looks like two but it actually is only one hat, one that's supposed to be turned in or out, a "two-hat-in-one" hat if you will. I started this in winter (I believe late October with all the designing and stuff) but then with a pop Winter was over and I stopped knitting it. But it's on my list with two other things that I want to finish within this month. Please cross your fingers for me, will you? Also is there anything you want to knit up this month?


alarmingly cute

you might know this one but it's so cute I'm sharing it again

there even is a 10 minute and a 10 hour (in words TEN HOUR) version of this o_O


weekly flaschback

|seen| this video by Charlie McDonnell, I swear if he would be ten years older I totally married him, no matter his thoughts about it ^__^ |heard| there was a yarn feast pretty near by but with the train costs and new yarn (because you don't go to a market without buying anything) I decided not to go, my wallet would have committed suicide otherwise I guess |learned| all those cute little baby hats with teddy bear ears or cat ears or any animal ears do have a purpose! when a demon tries to steal your babys soul or the baby itself the demon will actually be tricked by the animal ears to think it IS an animal, so your child is safe |read| The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.. so far (only just started) I need to get used to the style this is written in, it is quite like listening to someone who is constantly switching between thoughts when talking, little hard to follow |done| visited my local stitch'n'bitch...yay |eaten| prosciutto and tomatoes - sooo gooood |drunk| Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, love that kind of tea, always liked tea with milk (and without) so I'm glad the Chai Tea one is still "Hip" |thought| I had carried watermelons to a party...only it wasn't me, who was it? first one to comment correctly will win a pattern made by me of their choice, just make sure I can contact you by leaving email or ravelry name in a second comment |been pleased| with nothing special really, the whole week has been quite nice |got annoyed| with my eyebrows, or rather myself...on Monday I was coloring my hair again and I had that stupid idea to see how my eyebrows would look like with just a tad more red in them, turns out they get like bright orange (don't laugh at me) and I'm glad I'm a girl and can add eyebrow pencil to correct that, otherwise I dunno if I would feel comfi leaving the house |wished| I hadn't have that stupid idea with the hair dye |bought| new moisturizer (fascinating, right?) ^__^ |clicked| my blog readers feed and sorted through a few things, what I found while doing so were a few recipes I had forgotten about and want to try in the near future like this ravioli recipe with pears and bacon


knitting growing

Revival dress

My revival dress/pullover is growing, I've been to a stitch'n'bitch yesterday and had quite good progress on the dress, meanwhile I'm like "I want this to be a dress soon" and no longer fear it will end up being a pullover, besides the knitting I had a lovely chat with three lovely ladies there, it's always nice to meet new people and I hope to see them again.

hope you have a nice weekend too ^__^


my morning


#pictureaday my morning

the new month is here, it's June! it doesn't look June right now though, it had rained the whole night, pretty steady continuous gentle rain, super for nature and I don't mind at all as well ^__^ it's stopped for now and I'm going for a run. What's your morning like today?

in case you want to join to, fatmumslim just released the themes for this month