it lightens your day after a tough one on the road! coming home, feeling almost ready for bed, opening the mail and what did I find? the missing skein for my pullover!!!


off to wind a yummy ball and knit a few rows ...


Happy New Year

a little late but coming from my heart!

Over the Christmas and New Years Holidays I knitted like crazy, last time I was here I showed you the swatch I made and from this swatch I made this sweet pullover:

chinese winter 011

I used the chinese lace pattern from Barbara Walkers second treasury book and because I knitted most of it over Christmas I called it Chinese Christmas, just logical right? I really like the outcome, it fits great, only thing is I ran out of yarn, I emailed the company which is normally only sending a minimum of 500 gram per color and yarn and hope they will be so kind and make an exception for me.

chinese winter 012
close up