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it's not like I wouldn't have enough projects that would love my attention but when going to our weekly knit meetups I don't want to crochet every single time. I was crocheting on my sunflower blanket/granny squares for every single meeting through the last months. And I find myself observing all the others who use two needles with a little sentimental emotions. Soooo it was time for a new knit, one that could be easily transported and would be appropriate for a chitchat group like ours.

The yarn will be a pain in the ass I already can tell, it's super slippery. Maybe that's normal with bamboo. It's the first time I use bamboo, so we will see. I want to knit a little vest/cardigan to wear during summer over dresses. My first idea was to knit goodale, but I checked the projects on this one and even though I will make it (maybe even this summer) I won't be using the yarn I want to use at the moment. Which btw is Alize Bamboo Fine Batik Design. It's sooooo gorgeous!!! A friend at our meetings has made a small shawl with it and it's the softest thing I ever ever ever felt!

so which pattern will I make? good question. I considered using some small needles (2.5mm) and couldn't find anything that I liked, that's why I started designing my own little vest. I will knit up and down to get some lengthwise stripes instead of .. well around the body. I have no idea how that will turn out but I'm in a good mood for this so I started swatching..

knitted hugs, Diana


finally a finished object - revival dress

so I finally managed to get some decent pictures of me wearing my first knitted dress. Last year I was knitting on and off on this dress from August 2011 till October 2012 - and only now I got to wear it, the weather is finally springy!

knit dress

Pattern: revival by Ankestrick .. the original pattern is for a pullover using the contiguous method. I enjoyed this new method very much. No sewing is always something that catches me. I would change a few little bits when using this yarn again with this method, like not making the arms as wide as I did here. The overall shape though is lovely. The yarn is gorgeous too! it's a cotton/linen/silk blend and I have more than enough to make another dress, so I think I will make a cardigan from the leftovers. The quality feels perfect on the skin with the warmer weather.

Changes to the original pattern: basically I followed the pattern. It's top down which made it a lot easier to turn it into a dress. I added some short rows to create more room for the boobs and I also added waist shaping. The waist shaping also was the base for the increases that I simply continued to create an A-line to the skirt. Turned out great!

I simply love this dress although a knitted garment doesn't hide any curve, if you know what I mean ;)

have a lovely knitting weekend,

knit dress knit dress knit dress knit dress

also big xoxo to the photographer