some knitting

During the last months my knitting suffered quite a bit under my new job and all the learning that it brought with it - but I feel that better times are coming soon, I have a few days off before easter and think these are great to knit and make my new home a welcoming place and last but not least I hope april is bringing me back to old levels of free time, knitting, crocheting (I still have a little gecko in mind that wants to be brought to life) and of course blogging!

but until now I want to show you a bit of my current knitting project (which is a pretty quick knit all in all but with only 4 rows a week even this takes forever)

my Liesl:

I started this little cardigan on 28th dec last year and it seems like it will be finished in time for the spring season (at least I hope so!)


little sit in

hello everybody, quick hello from me =^__^=

I'm doing fine, still learning alot and still knitting far less than I wish I would but nevertheless I knit a few rows every week and would show a few pics within the next days

so far, happy early weekend everybody

xoxo, Diana