finally it's friday

I'm so glad it's finally friday, as I'm sitting here with a cup of tea on my desk in my office thinking of this last week I just feel relaxation in look-out for the forthcoming weekend.
I spent my first days at the operating table actually making a stitch, I'm not a doctor, in no way, but my boss was thinking it was about time to try something new, and so I made a suture. Now there's only a few more minutes to write a quarterly report to prepare and do the regular laboratory stuff, whew!, I'm glad it's friday . . .


scorpion Peter - the pattern

the testers made a great job, the finished scorpions look poisonous ^__^
now you can make your own scorpion too
peter side view

USD 6.00
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Crochet pattern in pdf format, designed for a E / 3.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn, written out in plain English.
This pattern provides a stitch-by-stitch guide.
This pattern is for the advanced beginner with knowledge of crocheting in the round, increasing, and decreasing. Special stitches are explained particularly.
Using a E / 3.5mm hook and the apropriated yarn you should receive a doll about 4 inches / 10 cm high.
But keep in mind that the size of a finished doll strongly hinges on your yarn and needle.
Unlimited email support is included to help you create your dolls.
Thank You!


I am in raptures

I made the green seahorse yesterday and its soooooo adorable, I realy really fell in love with this, even if it's not even finished.
See the cute bending at the end of the tail? the lovely little snout? the oh so yummy belly?, it's even more charming than the orange pal I posted on on friday.
and what is very strange the body is only 8.5 inches / 21 cm high and I used 90 rows to complete it, ninety !!!, woah!, other dolls like the fairies (here or here) also are about that size and they don't consume as many rounds, not even close, I don't believe how differnt shapes get just by changing the techniques.

oh and also it uses great as a microphone replacement ^_^ just grab it by it's tail and start to behave like a superstar, hehe.


eye candy friday

my first, so be gentle ^-^
I made another seahorse, changed the shaping, but running out of yarn, eek!, need to make another one - I guess, maybe a green one?
which shape do you like better, so far? the yellow or the orange one?, I think I prefer the yellow one and the next one, the green one will be like the yellow one as well, the tail will be longer as the tail of the orange seahorse and I hope more bended at the end/tip.

but let's see

seahorse love

some blooming from my "garden" which is my windowsill


uuuhuh uh, new yarn arrived at my home =) new Wollmeise, the color is Zenzi and I love it, the first time I got to snag omething from the shop and I just click-click-click had new yarn, I actually seek for lace weight, the color is more or less unimportant, there are a few I would choose but the Pfauenauge would be in my top 10, or Birkenrinde or something like Wellensittichvogelfeder, there are a few shawls I like to make the Pretty As A Peacock Shawl or the South Seas Stole are on my wishlist, so the Pfauenauge (peacocks eye) would be perrrfect for the Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, and the South Sees would look awesome in another blue or greenish mix.

if you wanna see the Zenzi 'striptease' click here


why I like WIP's so much . . .

. . . because I miss them when I'm done.

I just realized this, the minute I finish something I miss it, I miss working at it, I miss holding the yarn, letting it run through my fingers, thinking about how I should continue, if I just follow the pattern or if I need to make changes or when crocheting new amigurumi how to shape the next mold or whatever. I miss it.

Lately I wondered what made me cast on a shawl when there's stockings nearly finished or a vest that waits for further stitches, and when I embroidered the last stitches to Peters face and I realized I had no more crochet WIPs, it became clearly, I had no more WIPs and I didn't like the feeling, not at all. Missing the WIPs also made me continue a little bit at my shawl (made three full repeats of the pattern and turned the provisional cast on into a picot edging - lovely)

also I started a new project, of course

and it's a new amigurumi, a seahorse, an orange seahorse, like it so far, though it's still missing quite a few important details, like a snout, or muzzle? what do seahorses have? I have no idea, note to self: look up seahorses anatomy!


on vacations with the BF

a long weekend with my boyfriend. We don't get to see each other very often (long distances), so this weekend wasn't much knitting but sightseeing, the beach, the movies, and a visit in neighbouring town Stralsund in the new museum called Ozeaneum. Opened on friday and been there at saturday, it wasn't all finished yet but nevertheless pretty interessting. The most impressing part were the whales in original sizes that hung in a dark room with whale-noises, whales ARE big animals.

lots of other information and beach animals

the only bad thing on the town is its cobblestone pavement, the whole town is cobbles, I can tell you my feet burned yesterday and my legs still ache today (of course a long walk at the beach in the sand doesn't make it much better)


Flower Pot - downloadable

The Pattern for the flower pot is up now
it's stored at ravelry but I hope the link does work for non-ravelrers as well

the pattern has not been tested, but I think it's error-free (I found some and fixed them) but if you find something, probably something that's not being expressed clearly enough please leave a message.

press to download


FO - Peter with the Sting

I'm a little bit stupid right now, it's late, I'm squeaking when speaking, I'm singing "like ice in the sunshine", I'm eating strawberry creme filled dark chocolate and there is a Peter in my appartment, no Peter Pan (although that's where I got the name from) but a Peter the scorpion

finally finished my poisonous pal

and I got to find a name, some of you made great suggestions, I liked Stephen, Venamous Victor - how cruel, Vladimir, Lord Vaughn Hastings - whooo way to dark and aristocratic, this scorpion doesn't kill ^_^, Stingy or (very cool) Androctonus crassicauda - Andy Crass, for short but I was looking for something, well . . . more traditional and I also came across Fredrik, Enrico, Stuart or Vincent, but Peter made it, so take a look again at Peter Scorpion.

The pattern is out for testing



it's official now, I am a real knitter. Today is the hottest day of the summer (so far) and I just casted on a scarf.
it's the leave and acorn lace scarf. my first lace (if you want so), I mean I would consider my waterfalls to be lace but they're stockings, my fishnet stockings are lacy as well, but again, they are stockings. I've done quite some lace things but this scarf I would say is my first "real" lace, I have no idea why I think so, maybe fault of the hottest day of the summer but that's how I feel.
Also my first time I turned hanky into center pull ball (now I know I prefer balls over hanks, and hank sounds so nice and harmless, do you know any Hank who isn't nice? I don't!)
I'm using stash yarn, haha, not that I would really have a stash, but I use Wollmeise Sockyarn in Frosch colorway. Green would be perfect for this scarf.

also today there was a word in my head that wanted to be spoken over and over again: Hobbledihoi!, It's not even a real word! but it was in my mind, piercing it, forcing me to say it out loud. Now don't think I'm kind of weird, this doesn't happen often to me, but sometimes there just is a word, you know just like a stupid catchy tune, that you just can't stand, but it's there and won't go away - bah!

Now that I've written it down, I feel better, thanks for reading