FO - Peter with the Sting

I'm a little bit stupid right now, it's late, I'm squeaking when speaking, I'm singing "like ice in the sunshine", I'm eating strawberry creme filled dark chocolate and there is a Peter in my appartment, no Peter Pan (although that's where I got the name from) but a Peter the scorpion

finally finished my poisonous pal

and I got to find a name, some of you made great suggestions, I liked Stephen, Venamous Victor - how cruel, Vladimir, Lord Vaughn Hastings - whooo way to dark and aristocratic, this scorpion doesn't kill ^_^, Stingy or (very cool) Androctonus crassicauda - Andy Crass, for short but I was looking for something, well . . . more traditional and I also came across Fredrik, Enrico, Stuart or Vincent, but Peter made it, so take a look again at Peter Scorpion.

The pattern is out for testing

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