merry christmas?

maybe a little late, but last weekend my friends and I had our litle chirstmas party. It's been really nice, with some holiday music in the background, some santa-decoration and the remnants from the christmas tree and a yummi roasted chicken from the oven.
it's been really cool, we played some games and finally presented each other our gifts.

this is what I gave:
Froggy, filled with grape kernels, it really feels good, the little kernels feel smooth, and the test (only one) I made in my microwave makes me think, that froggy will keep warm in these cold (and more often rainy) winter days.


I've seen something like this on etsy, but couldn't find it again to purchase one, so I made one myself. I found the idea to have a monster pet to keep watch over your remote control very cool. And it turned out to be a very loved gift. My friend touched Monster over and over again.

It made me happy to see them happy.

so, finally, I hope you all had a very merry christmas


feed me . . .

. . . please

give me food and I will grow. This little frog measures about 25cm and is still waiting for its filling. I'm thinking of grape kernels, they're supposed to funtion like cherry kernels plus to stay warm for a longer time. I liked the idea of making a functional toy. Froggy will be warming some feet in cold winter nights. The only thing I worry about is if froggy's material, which is polyester, will be heatable. I hope at least in a microwave, does anybody have any experiences with "plastic" material in microwaves?
Well I'm gonna give it a try.

uh, froggy is based on a pattern from funky friends from etsy

fütter mich!

Dieser kleine Geselle wartet schon sehnsüchtig auf seine Fertigstellung, was in seinem Fall vor allem bedeutet, dass er noch gerne eine Füllung bekommen würde. Ich hab an Traubenkerne gedacht, die sollen genauso funktionieren wie Kirschkerne und ausserdem noch länger warm bleiben. Ich mache mir allerdings noch Gedanken, ob sein Fell auch gerne erhitzt wird. Es ist ja Polyester und vielleicht verträgt sich das nicht so gut. Aber ich glaube in der Mikrowelle wirds schon gehen, hat da vielleicht jemand Erfahrungen? Naja, ich werde es auf alle Fälle ausprobieren.

oh, Froschie basiert auf einer Anleitung von funky friends von etsy



I got new fake fur!

next saturday my friends and I are going to have our Xmas feast. U might wonder about this, but we found to find a date that fits everybodys schedule after christmas easier than to find one before. And so it became kind of traditional to have christmas in january.

soooo I came along the question what I might present. And this year plushies will be my gifts: a frog for my best friend Alex, who's collecting frogs (and I can post this here, cuz I know he's not reading); a monster plushie for another friend and my friend Melanie is starting to crochet, so I'll present her a pattern of mine plus the yarn and stuffing she'll need.



the new year has begun and I hope everyone of you had a good start into this new year.
before I go on showing you what I'm working on since christmas, I would like to show you what made my days before xmas, mainly gifts of course ;-)
so here you go - tata

the XMAS-Pack

aren't they lovely?
I especially like the bunny, it's a variation of Winniefred, you might remember her from my flickr. I called the bunny Ute (it's actually the name of the person I made it for) and it resembles a lot my little easter bunny, mainly because of it's butt and the ears of course. Well I think it turned out really cute =)
What do you think?