Cast on Baby

just a little Hi from me, I'm currently working like crazy, in German I would say I don't know where my head is, I guess you know what I mean. 
A few days ago a friend send my a link to a video I thought I'd share today:


 love it! so fun and so true! I hesitate to cast on right now, I feel the need to finish something else first.

 how about you? ♥


viking knitting

Have you heard of viking knitting before? Well, I haven't. If you'd asked me I'd suggested something like those chain mailles shirt that are formed with lots and lots of single rings that are sort of woven into a "fabric". But it turns out that viking knitting or trichinopoly as it is called as well is a lot more like "real" knitting, I found these two videos in my youtube suggestions area and thought I'd share as I really like the formed necklaces and bracelets.

How to viking knit:
How to finish viking knit:

I will need to try this soon, how about you?


a little haul

I've been a little nuts last week. After buying a beaded crochet necklace a few weeks ago to see if I like how they wear and feel and look, I went to buy everything I needed to crochet my own beaded necklaces...


I ordered "a few" seed beads, all of them Toho ones, as they come in sooooo many colors! With over 400 colors to choose from I couldn't decide at all, I knew I wanted to make a classic pearly white one and a pink one that's pink but doesn't scream into your face. Don't really know how all the other colors got into the package. Of course I needed closures and yarn too. And while shopping for the latter I also found the most gorgeous buttons!

of course I tried bead crocheting as soon as I got home


I think I'm adding something to my crafty hobby. Do you go crazy too when shopping for your hobby?