Bloggy, I made a fantastic spaghetti sauce with cauliflower yesterday and the lemon juice really does the trick. The recipe can be found here and I will definitely make this again, I loooove cauliflower with breadcrumbs and I loooove pasta, now I can have both at the same time ^__^


the knitting and a pizza

oh, Bloggy, your last comment was a bit rude, don't you think? Readers do you agree with me? wasn't Bloggy a little snappish?
But Bloggy, you know I'm nice and will show you more of my knitting now. It is lace, sort of, as you suspected. I'm knitting an afghan with a very pretty lace pattern by Herbert Niebling (link to his ravelry pattern page). It's his "Eichenlaub" (oakleaves) and I'm using worsted weight yarn instead of lace weight because ever since I've seen the Hemlock Ring Blanket I decided that any beautiful doily/lace/shawl pattern could be turned into an unique afghan/throw by changing yarn weight. And there I go now knitting a warming throw for my couch in the middle of summer heat.


and I made pizza today, I'm still getting used to my new oven and this pizza turned out better than any before it. I'm admitting I feel a little proud.


just for you

Bloggy, this next few pictures are just for you, I just took my camera and made a few snapshots of my balcony, you see it's pretty green there

balcony 1

and do you see the tomatoes? I love the fact that I have tomatoes this year, how do you like it?

oh, and also my knitting:

knitting 1



THAT'S you're knitting? What is it? I mean don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you took the time and made pictures, and your balcony looks inviting! but that picture of the knitting is bad. I have no idea what I see. I believe it could be lace, sort of, in case the pattern below belongs to the knitting above, but then the yarn is pretty bulky, soooo .... is it lace?



Bloggy again

.... ooh you're growing tomatoes? Maybe I would like to see that, I didn't know you could do such things. What is your balcony looking now? you know, it's not like I could just stand up, walk around and take a look myself, I'm sort of attached to your computer ... And what are you knitting anyways?

take care,


Hi Bloggy,

well .. I don't really know where to start [scratching my head], I didn't meant to hurt your feelings, I didn't know you had feelings, for you have always been so quiet and shy and you always, always held your peace. But I am sorry, really, let me apologize. And didn't even know what kept me so long, I mean you are right I did knit a little next to you on my sofa, not much though, only a little, summer came around and with the warm weather yarn isn't as joyful as it is in winter, but still I like you and the summer isn't much of an explanation, is it? Also life just happened to be there and work and everything, I started jogging and I learned how to prune tomatoes and I decorated my balcony, I enjoy my balcony alot lately, this year I will have food there !! yay
I also spent a bit of time on youtube, I even found a video on procrastinating and I was reminded of you and then I felt guilty for not even visiting you to say "hi" and I just couldn't come around for I was believing you might not like me anymore and that's how I was away, I also read alot, like the Hunger Games trilogy (which was very very good, by the way), I was sort of busy I guess ...

anyways I will promise to better care for you, honestly, I don't like that you felt all left alone and neglected.




Hello Diana,

this is your blog saying Hi. I was just wondering what you're doing, I mean you didn't come visit me for a while nor did you post anything. I don't want to complain or anything but I do feel a bit lonely here ... all alone. Sometimes I think I can hear you knit, I could swear I could hear metal needles clicking, and I think "cool she will come post something soon" but then you don't. Diana, I feel neglected, please come visit me soon. I'm sure you're readers feel similar.

Yours sincerely,
Bloggy Blog