flower pot - eight, a lawn to be

so the flower pot is growing again. As mentioned yesterday I started assembling the three flowers together. To do so isn't very difficult alltough I can't really give you a real pattern, it is quite freeform but I tell you how I did it and I believe it will be a good guide.

oh first I need to tell you I made 6 more rows of stem for the two blooming flowers (I didn't edit this in the former posts yet)
so that is now 36 rows for the pink/white flower and 41 rows for the pale pink flower.

when all flowers have the size you want them to grow *giggle* you go on like this

make 2 sc in every sc in the first row
and *m2, sc1* till end of row two

now you need to attach all flowers together. I hope this picture clarifies what I mean. There will be stitches of every flower that you don't crochet anymore, so you continue to crochet around the first flower about two thirds - then add the second flower and crochet another two thirds around, add the third flower and you got all flowers 'bond' together.
in this third row increase like following: *sc2, m2* till end of whole row (which is all three flowers for each about two thirds of the circumference)

now increase every other row like follows:
*sc3, m2* in the fourth row
*sc4, m2* in the fifth row
*sc5, m2* in the sixth row
and so on until you have the lawn size you desire.

a big thing also is, that when being "between two flowers" (ie. in the valley of a row I decreased one or two stitches)
one stitch in the first rows after assembling and two times in every other row, also I found to decrease with dc instead of sc to be quite useful, since the row itself would become more even, so your lawn will become more of a cirle than this roller coaster rows (hope you can understand what I mean, if not just leave a message)

also I added bobbles wherever I liked to add some texture to the lawn, I think it resembles some kind of grass.

now either you make the lawn as big as you like, like a hill or something (I would only increase as mentioned above every second row after I have some circumference, so it would look more like a hill and simply crochet a 'plate' (increasing 6sts evenly spread) to have a base for your hill and stuff this hill


like I will do, make an earth clog that the lawn will be sewn to and added to a potery flower pot.

hope to be finished until this weekend (it's mayday soon, a whole day for me to use my hooks and needles ^__^)


Hook missing

argh, I miss a hook, I was just swatching for a new top (the razor cami from Katie Marcus; btw does linking to ravelry work for people who are not there?) cause I want to get back to my green fishnet stockings and I want some knitting skills back before going there.

Nevertheless I miss this hook, I normally bind off with a crochet hook slightly bigger than the knitting needle I used and now I can't find my 4.5mm hook, damn! I have no idea where it could be, since I just reorganzised my whole stuff and didn't see it while doing so. It's frustrating

I also made progress on the flower pot, I started assembling all three flowers so there will be the promised "lawn", also added some bobbles of different sizes to create a nice grassy effect, looks pretty cute, but it's to dark now to make good pics, and I need to have good pics to show you what exactly I did since I don't have a real pattern - it's kinda freeform, but not that complicated. Will give the infos tomorrow.

so long

I'm off to bed


flowery hooks and Bradley

Two days ago I received a package with Fimo polymer clay in it, I ordered it to enlarge the handles of my crochet hooks. And yesterday evening I couldn't resist but start kneading. This is what my first attempt looks like, I pretty much like it, what do you think?

the hook is a 1.5 mm hook which hadn't a handle at all, I found it while renovating my little place over easter holidays. I got loads of Fimo polymer clay left (it's not a suprise though, since I ordered nine different colors) and now I'm pondering on how to proceed with my other hooks, they all have plastik handles and I am wondering if I should seperate them from the plastik before I add polymer clay handles - I fear the plastik handles might react to the material or something in the heat of the oven.

another thing I made good progress with is Bradley, he is the elk/moose I started on my trip to Cologne a few weeks ago. Now he has a cute nose, a lovely butt and ears which need to be attached soon.


Miss Piggy in the house

hey everyone, this week has been full of job stuff, only reports to write and give, don't like that at all, had no time to crochet a single stitch. Now the week's gone, it's weekend folks, and it's gonna be sunny =)
and now I'm funny cause I am Miss Piggy, you listened correctly, Miss Piggy, found this link on ravelry and couldn't resist the challenge, what muppet would I be?

Well Miss Piggy, how obvious, dah!

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.

You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.

You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.

Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!

I feel totally funny and ridiculous right now, love i, what a fabulous end for a terrible week


is it a lion? is it a rat? is it a bear?

well that's a good question. I started on this on friday night. It's supposed to be a lion since it's a custom order and it will be for a baby, so my first thought was: NO plastic eyes, everything as securly sewed as possible!
A babys toy, woah, never made one before and right now I'm wondering if stuffing should be a bit less tight than I normaly would stuff a toy or if this doesn't matter at all, since it will become softer with age. any advice?

but nevertheless it still looks more like a mousy rat, don't you think? I also can imagine this to be converted into a bears pattern too. Do you remember those teddys with the very loong arms? and very big noses? I loved these. And I actually had them in mind in the first place when starting on this lion. I think it will be absolutely adorable when finished


flower pot - seven: about buds and stems

netx step of the flower pot. This was a bit tricky, I had this idea of a bud in my head with a green leave surrounding the bud just like it would start to bloom every second. The bud was a quick crochet but this leave around the bud? mmmh, tricky. But I made it, so here is the next flower with a bud and stem and leaves
and the very next step will be to assemble all three flowers together and make some kind of grass or meadow . . .

the bud itself

BUD (N 3,5)

1 -- make a dr with 6 sts
2 -- (sc1, m2) x3
3 -- (m2, sc2) x3
4 -- (sc3, m2) x3
make 1 row
6 -- sc2, (m2, sc4) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
8 -- (m2, sc5) x3
make 1 row
10 -- (sc2tog, sc5) x3
make 1 row
12 -- sc3, (sc2tog, sc4) x2, sc2tog, sc1
make 1 row
14 -- (sc2tog, sc3) x3
15 -- sc2tog x6

the bud-leave

BUD-LEAVE and STEM (N 3,5)

make a slip knot
1 -- chain 22
turn and start in second back 'loop' from beginning:
2 -- sc21, join round
continue in spiral rounds
3 -- sc5, esc2, hdc1, dc3, hdc1, esc2, sc6
4 -- sc4, esc1, hdc2, dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog, hdc2, esc1, sc5
5 -- sc1, sc2tog, esc2, esc2tog, hdc1, dc2tog, hdc1, esc2tog, esc2, sc2tog, sc2
6 -- sc2tog x7
continue making rows of sc7 to create a stem

the leaves for the stem

LEAVES (N 3,5)
extra, small

1 -- make a dr with 4 sts
2 -- sc1, m2, sc2
3 -- sc2, m2, sc2
4 -- (sc2, m2) x2
5 -- (sc3, m2) x2
6 -- (sc4, m2) x2
7 -- (sc5, m2) x2
8 -- (sc6, m2) x2
make 2 rows
11 -- (sc6, sc2tog) x2
12 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
13 -- (sc5, sc2tog) x2
14 -- (sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog) x2

as soon as I made them stem and sewed everything together I'll make some pics of the assembled flower

see you later


poor hermit crab

I didn't crochet much the last two days, I had a lot to do at work.
But still I got something to post today cause when searching my stash yesterday for a nice pale gray or even white (for a new lion) Rüdiger fell into my hands again. Rüdiger, another WIP or actually an UFO is a hermit crab. Rüdiger was born between christmas and new years last year and was living in my stash since then. The only problem is, Rüdiger is blind, I never could figure out a way to give him the cutest eyes he deserved and desired.
And since I try to be a good mommy I gave him food and love and home, only eyes were a problem, still. Nevertheless a cupple of days ago watching another episode of Spongebob Squarepants and taking interested looks at Mr Crabs it hit me, so simple but still very cute.
Rüdiger would no longer be a blind crabby, he will see, the world, with all its beauty.
Rüdiger will have eyes, finally.

eyes like these

and attaching these eyes to his head is in the very near future . . . I can feel it


Honey Bee - the pattern

bee side1

USD 5.00
add to cart --- show cart

do you remember this bee? well it's in the banner sitting on a flower, soo probably yes ^__^
now you can make one of your own, only a small fee and you can create this lovely buzzing bee or two or three
The pattern gives you full instructions on how to make the bee, all you'll need is yarn and hook.

flower pot - six, on assembling

as promised here are a few of the new pictures, and guess what, I sew petals to stems, yeah-hey. All in all this took me about two hours, though I think one could do faster if one loves seaming. For the pink flower I only used six of the eight petals I made in the first place, I found them to be more than enough and for the white flower I used eight petals, I thought seven would be enough but seemed like I could use eight, so I made one more.

but here is the new picture

for flattening the petals (and leaves too) simply fold along the increases resp. decreases, they should be on top of each other and therefore the petal / leave should fold by itself. For attaching them to the pistil simply lay them flat and close to the middle of pistil and sew them. I've sewn them where yellow and green meet hope the picture below makes clear what I mean.

For the next flower (I wanted to make three) I think I would like a bud, maybe white surrounded by a beautiful green or a pale yellow, don't know yet. I am also thinking about how to make the flowers stable, cause the heads are pretty heavy. So far I believe some flower wire (with green plastic material around them, normally its associated with oxeye daisies) will be perfect to stabilize the stem. Maybe simply screwn into it, from top down. But hey just another challange to overcome (^_^) within this journey of designing.

btw I hope you guys enjoy the pattern so far, when everything is done I'm gonna turn it into a .pdf so you can simply download it.


flower pot - five, medium leaves

Hi guys, it's already to dark to make good quality pictures of my progress (which isn't too far, I've only made 7 petals total of the thin white/pink petals) and decided on a leave size for this 'medium' flower. I still haven't sewn anything together, did I mention before I don't like assembling? Well to me it's always what takes most time, for example there is a top in my stash which is finished, more or less, it only requires seaming.

But enough of bad habbits, here is a new piece of the flower pot pattern

leaves (N 3,5)
extra, make 2


1 make a double ring with 4sts
2 sc1, m2, sc2
3 sc2, m2, sc2
4 (sc2, m2) x2
5 (sc3, m2) x2
6 (sc4, m2) x2
7 (sc5, m2) x2
8 sc5, m2, sc6, m2, sc1
9 sc6, m2, sc7, m2, sc1
make 2 rows
12 (sc7, sc2tog) x2
13 sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
14 (sc6, sc2tog) x2
15 (sc2tog, sc3, sc2tog) x2

I will take some pics tomorrow and edit this post, and maybe, just maybe I'll be a good cat and sew something together.
so far, enjoy


Eugen - a little chicken

USD 5.00
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the pattern for a little chicken. I was trying to name it and came up with Eugen, I feel it's a very chickenlish name, don't you think?
it will make a perfect Easter decoration or toy ^__^
nevertheless the pattern gives full instructions in english language. It's in .pdf format and available for immidiate download after the check out via ravelry.


flower pot - part four, medium flower

last evening and even today in my office (shame on me) I made this new pistil and stem and two petals (yeah!) for a medium sized flower. I like the gradient from white to pink of the petals, this is a little delicate to make, but I would give it a try, it's not that hard. The pattern nevertheless doesn't mention the change of colors, it's in the note below, how to make the gradient.
I also didn't attach the petals of the first flower, I don't like assembling, but I would add four 'upper' petals and four 'below' petals, so they're overlapping each other, hope you understand what I mean.

Pattern - medium sized flower: pistil plus petals

pistil and stem (N3,5)
start with a nice (pale) yelllow

1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 -- (m2, sc1) x6
4 -- (m2, sc5) x3
5 -- sc4, (m2, sc6) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
change color to green
make 1 row
8 -- (sc2tog, sc2) x6
9 -- (sc2tog, sc1) x6
10 -- sc2tog x2, sc1, sc2tog x3, sc1
make 30 rows and BO

stuff while adding stem rows, don't put to much stuffing into the stem, it tends to shine through here

petals (N3,5)
extra, make 6 (?)

1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- (sc1, m2, m2) x2
3 -- sc3, m2, sc4, m2, sc1
4 -- sc4, m2, sc5, m2, sc1
make 2 rows
7 -- (sc5, sc2tog) x2
8 -- make 1 row
9 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
10 -- (sc4, sc2tog) x2
11 -- make 1 row
12 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
13 -- (sc3, sc2tog) x2
14 -- make 1 row
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm

NOTE: to make a gradient, add different colored yarn in round 11, now make the row but with changing colors for each stitch, in round 12 cut the first color and continue working with your new yarn.


flower pot - part three, the petals

first flower nearly finished, eight petals made and only assembling left to make it a "real" flower ^_^

remember not to join rounds, it's only continuous crocheting, always spiralicious, never turn

petals (N3,5)
extra, make 8 (maybe 10)

1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 -- (sc4, m2, m2) x2
4 -- sc5, m2, m2, sc6, m2, m2, sc1
5 -- sc7, m2, sc9, m2, sc2
6 -- sc8, m2, sc10, m2, sc2
make 2 rows
9 -- sc8, sc2tog, sc10, sc2tog, sc2
10 -- sc8, sc2tog, sc9, sc2tog, sc1
11 -- (sc8, sc2tog) x2
12 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
13 -- (sc5, sc2tog, sc2tog) x2
14 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
15 -- (sc3, sc2tog, sc2tog) x2
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm

for the next flower I'm thinking of a flower quite like this one, only a little smaller and with thinner petals, maybe even with two-colored ones

but before musing on the next blossom I should assemble this one first, mmmh . . .


flower pot - two, the leaves

this is so exciting I've already finished the leaves

but before I give you the next part of the pattern, the leaves, let me show you why everything started

this is the clover that died in the dry light of the burning sun over easter holidays -- poor clover

nevertheless, let's get back to happier things

big leaves for a beautiful flower

leaves (N3,5)
extra, large
make 2

1 -- make a double ring with 4sts
2 -- sc1, m2, sc2
3 -- sc2, m2, sc2
4 -- (sc2, m2) x2
5 -- (sc3, m2) x2
6 -- (sc4, m2) x2
7 -- (sc5, m2) x2
8 -- sc5, m2, sc6, m2, sc1
9 -- sc6, m2, sc7, m2, sc1
10 -- sc7, m2, sc8, m2, sc1
11 -- sc8, m2, sc9, m2, sc1
make 3 rows
15 -- (sc9, sc2tog) x2
16 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
17 -- (sc8, sc2tog) x2
18 -- (sc2tog, sc5, sc2tog) x2
19 -- (sc2tog, sc3, sc2tog) x2
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm


flower pot - part one

So let's start right along:

here's the first part of the pattern

the pistil and stem

start with a nice (pale) yelllow
1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 -- (m2, sc1) x6
4 -- sc1, (m2, sc2) x5, m2, sc1
5 -- (m2, sc7) x3
6 -- sc4, (m2, sc8) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
change color to green
make 1 row
9 -- (sc2tog, sc3) x6
10 -- (sc2, sc2tog) x6
11 -- (sc2tog, sc4) x3
make 1 row
13 -- sc2tog x7, sc1
make 35 rows (8sts), or as long as you would like the stem to be

stuffing: start stuffing when you have made a few rounds of the stem (not too many though); stuff the pistil pretty tight, I tend to overstuff, but when stuffing the stem don't stuff so tight the filling might shine through

don't BO yet - cut yarn with app. 2m (3 arm's lenght) tail

I'm working with a 3,5 mm (E) hook and a tight tension, this will create a pistil/stem of about 18 cm/ 7 inches

yarn: catania from schachenmayr
stuffing: poly fibrefill

amigurumi spring with me

hey everybody, some days ago, when sitting in my office and looking at my poor dead clover I head a great idea: never again a plant will die just because no-one will break into my office and water my plants whilst I'm a few days on the road.
So I started thinking about an amigurumi flower pot to highlight my office window sill, a lovely spring colored flower pot.

and the best of all, this idea turned into the plan to share share my pattern with you, while I'm designing. You get a free pattern plus the fun of a crochetalong. ^_^

I have something like this in mind.

I was thinking about crocheting the pot itself too, but prefer the view of a real one, so you will need yarn, a crochet hook and a flower pot too (about 3-4 inches / 8-10 cm in diameter)

I'm really gonna try to give you new bits of the pattern every few days, but may apologize before starting if it might take some days longer sometimes. But I'm gonna do my best.

I've choosen some very springy colors, pale yellow for the pistil, a pale green for leaves and stem, and think of a cute pink for the petals of the first flower, others may be orange or red or purple, don't know jet.

These are my colors.

yarn: catania from schachenmayr
hook: 3.5 (E)

so let's start . . . part one

oh, but before
my abbreviations

m2 -- make two, increase one by making two sts into one
sc -- single crochet
sc2tog -- decrease one by crocheting two sts together
BO -- bind off

and it's amigurumi style crochet, which is spiral rounds: keep crocheting in the round without joining at the end of one row