amigurumi spring with me

hey everybody, some days ago, when sitting in my office and looking at my poor dead clover I head a great idea: never again a plant will die just because no-one will break into my office and water my plants whilst I'm a few days on the road.
So I started thinking about an amigurumi flower pot to highlight my office window sill, a lovely spring colored flower pot.

and the best of all, this idea turned into the plan to share share my pattern with you, while I'm designing. You get a free pattern plus the fun of a crochetalong. ^_^

I have something like this in mind.

I was thinking about crocheting the pot itself too, but prefer the view of a real one, so you will need yarn, a crochet hook and a flower pot too (about 3-4 inches / 8-10 cm in diameter)

I'm really gonna try to give you new bits of the pattern every few days, but may apologize before starting if it might take some days longer sometimes. But I'm gonna do my best.

I've choosen some very springy colors, pale yellow for the pistil, a pale green for leaves and stem, and think of a cute pink for the petals of the first flower, others may be orange or red or purple, don't know jet.

These are my colors.

yarn: catania from schachenmayr
hook: 3.5 (E)

so let's start . . . part one

oh, but before
my abbreviations

m2 -- make two, increase one by making two sts into one
sc -- single crochet
sc2tog -- decrease one by crocheting two sts together
BO -- bind off

and it's amigurumi style crochet, which is spiral rounds: keep crocheting in the round without joining at the end of one row

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  1. This is beautifull ! congratulations , and thank you for sharing your experience


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