flower pot - part one

So let's start right along:

here's the first part of the pattern

the pistil and stem

start with a nice (pale) yelllow
1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 -- (m2, sc1) x6
4 -- sc1, (m2, sc2) x5, m2, sc1
5 -- (m2, sc7) x3
6 -- sc4, (m2, sc8) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
change color to green
make 1 row
9 -- (sc2tog, sc3) x6
10 -- (sc2, sc2tog) x6
11 -- (sc2tog, sc4) x3
make 1 row
13 -- sc2tog x7, sc1
make 35 rows (8sts), or as long as you would like the stem to be

stuffing: start stuffing when you have made a few rounds of the stem (not too many though); stuff the pistil pretty tight, I tend to overstuff, but when stuffing the stem don't stuff so tight the filling might shine through

don't BO yet - cut yarn with app. 2m (3 arm's lenght) tail

I'm working with a 3,5 mm (E) hook and a tight tension, this will create a pistil/stem of about 18 cm/ 7 inches

yarn: catania from schachenmayr
stuffing: poly fibrefill

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