flowery hooks and Bradley

Two days ago I received a package with Fimo polymer clay in it, I ordered it to enlarge the handles of my crochet hooks. And yesterday evening I couldn't resist but start kneading. This is what my first attempt looks like, I pretty much like it, what do you think?

the hook is a 1.5 mm hook which hadn't a handle at all, I found it while renovating my little place over easter holidays. I got loads of Fimo polymer clay left (it's not a suprise though, since I ordered nine different colors) and now I'm pondering on how to proceed with my other hooks, they all have plastik handles and I am wondering if I should seperate them from the plastik before I add polymer clay handles - I fear the plastik handles might react to the material or something in the heat of the oven.

another thing I made good progress with is Bradley, he is the elk/moose I started on my trip to Cologne a few weeks ago. Now he has a cute nose, a lovely butt and ears which need to be attached soon.

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