flower pot - seven: about buds and stems

netx step of the flower pot. This was a bit tricky, I had this idea of a bud in my head with a green leave surrounding the bud just like it would start to bloom every second. The bud was a quick crochet but this leave around the bud? mmmh, tricky. But I made it, so here is the next flower with a bud and stem and leaves
and the very next step will be to assemble all three flowers together and make some kind of grass or meadow . . .

the bud itself

BUD (N 3,5)

1 -- make a dr with 6 sts
2 -- (sc1, m2) x3
3 -- (m2, sc2) x3
4 -- (sc3, m2) x3
make 1 row
6 -- sc2, (m2, sc4) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
8 -- (m2, sc5) x3
make 1 row
10 -- (sc2tog, sc5) x3
make 1 row
12 -- sc3, (sc2tog, sc4) x2, sc2tog, sc1
make 1 row
14 -- (sc2tog, sc3) x3
15 -- sc2tog x6

the bud-leave

BUD-LEAVE and STEM (N 3,5)

make a slip knot
1 -- chain 22
turn and start in second back 'loop' from beginning:
2 -- sc21, join round
continue in spiral rounds
3 -- sc5, esc2, hdc1, dc3, hdc1, esc2, sc6
4 -- sc4, esc1, hdc2, dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog, hdc2, esc1, sc5
5 -- sc1, sc2tog, esc2, esc2tog, hdc1, dc2tog, hdc1, esc2tog, esc2, sc2tog, sc2
6 -- sc2tog x7
continue making rows of sc7 to create a stem

the leaves for the stem

LEAVES (N 3,5)
extra, small

1 -- make a dr with 4 sts
2 -- sc1, m2, sc2
3 -- sc2, m2, sc2
4 -- (sc2, m2) x2
5 -- (sc3, m2) x2
6 -- (sc4, m2) x2
7 -- (sc5, m2) x2
8 -- (sc6, m2) x2
make 2 rows
11 -- (sc6, sc2tog) x2
12 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
13 -- (sc5, sc2tog) x2
14 -- (sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog) x2

as soon as I made them stem and sewed everything together I'll make some pics of the assembled flower

see you later

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