flower pot - part four, medium flower

last evening and even today in my office (shame on me) I made this new pistil and stem and two petals (yeah!) for a medium sized flower. I like the gradient from white to pink of the petals, this is a little delicate to make, but I would give it a try, it's not that hard. The pattern nevertheless doesn't mention the change of colors, it's in the note below, how to make the gradient.
I also didn't attach the petals of the first flower, I don't like assembling, but I would add four 'upper' petals and four 'below' petals, so they're overlapping each other, hope you understand what I mean.

Pattern - medium sized flower: pistil plus petals

pistil and stem (N3,5)
start with a nice (pale) yelllow

1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- m2 x6
3 -- (m2, sc1) x6
4 -- (m2, sc5) x3
5 -- sc4, (m2, sc6) x2, m2, sc2
make 1 row
change color to green
make 1 row
8 -- (sc2tog, sc2) x6
9 -- (sc2tog, sc1) x6
10 -- sc2tog x2, sc1, sc2tog x3, sc1
make 30 rows and BO

stuff while adding stem rows, don't put to much stuffing into the stem, it tends to shine through here

petals (N3,5)
extra, make 6 (?)

1 -- make a double ring with 6sts
2 -- (sc1, m2, m2) x2
3 -- sc3, m2, sc4, m2, sc1
4 -- sc4, m2, sc5, m2, sc1
make 2 rows
7 -- (sc5, sc2tog) x2
8 -- make 1 row
9 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
10 -- (sc4, sc2tog) x2
11 -- make 1 row
12 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
13 -- (sc3, sc2tog) x2
14 -- make 1 row
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm

NOTE: to make a gradient, add different colored yarn in round 11, now make the row but with changing colors for each stitch, in round 12 cut the first color and continue working with your new yarn.

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