flower pot - two, the leaves

this is so exciting I've already finished the leaves

but before I give you the next part of the pattern, the leaves, let me show you why everything started

this is the clover that died in the dry light of the burning sun over easter holidays -- poor clover

nevertheless, let's get back to happier things

big leaves for a beautiful flower

leaves (N3,5)
extra, large
make 2

1 -- make a double ring with 4sts
2 -- sc1, m2, sc2
3 -- sc2, m2, sc2
4 -- (sc2, m2) x2
5 -- (sc3, m2) x2
6 -- (sc4, m2) x2
7 -- (sc5, m2) x2
8 -- sc5, m2, sc6, m2, sc1
9 -- sc6, m2, sc7, m2, sc1
10 -- sc7, m2, sc8, m2, sc1
11 -- sc8, m2, sc9, m2, sc1
make 3 rows
15 -- (sc9, sc2tog) x2
16 -- sc1 and pM to start a new round, don't turn
17 -- (sc8, sc2tog) x2
18 -- (sc2tog, sc5, sc2tog) x2
19 -- (sc2tog, sc3, sc2tog) x2
BO -- cut yarn with app. 16inch/ 40cm

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