flower pot - six, on assembling

as promised here are a few of the new pictures, and guess what, I sew petals to stems, yeah-hey. All in all this took me about two hours, though I think one could do faster if one loves seaming. For the pink flower I only used six of the eight petals I made in the first place, I found them to be more than enough and for the white flower I used eight petals, I thought seven would be enough but seemed like I could use eight, so I made one more.

but here is the new picture

for flattening the petals (and leaves too) simply fold along the increases resp. decreases, they should be on top of each other and therefore the petal / leave should fold by itself. For attaching them to the pistil simply lay them flat and close to the middle of pistil and sew them. I've sewn them where yellow and green meet hope the picture below makes clear what I mean.

For the next flower (I wanted to make three) I think I would like a bud, maybe white surrounded by a beautiful green or a pale yellow, don't know yet. I am also thinking about how to make the flowers stable, cause the heads are pretty heavy. So far I believe some flower wire (with green plastic material around them, normally its associated with oxeye daisies) will be perfect to stabilize the stem. Maybe simply screwn into it, from top down. But hey just another challange to overcome (^_^) within this journey of designing.

btw I hope you guys enjoy the pattern so far, when everything is done I'm gonna turn it into a .pdf so you can simply download it.

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