a yoke

I just learned that a yoke is a "Rundpasse" in german and that makes me happy because I found a good tutorial on that in a book I have. And this means I can finally continue on my Snailigan which was laying around for months because I didn't knew how to continue. All parts are knit until right under the arms and now I finally have an idea how to go on :-)

I love ravelry =^__^=


a great evening

yesterday I've been out to the "Schlössernacht" in Potsdam near Berlin. It was a really fantastic evening - Sanssouci and its park was illuminated beautifully, there were people with rococo style costumes and even a joyful fireworks after midnight. During the whole evening/night you could hear flute music coming from everywhere, really a great evening.

schlössernacht_potsdam 084

schlössernacht_potsdam 148

schlössernacht_potsdam 288



thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my new needle case, I really love it and might add some instructions info if you like.
Besides sewing I started thinking about a new knitting project, have a few on the needles but a girl can never have too much fun, right? Well the new project will be color work again, I had the idea when I saw a cardigan with flowers all over and found a vest with flowers will be nice as well. And I started charting, little flowers and a "petal path" to break the whole picture a little ;)



a needle home in teal

Did you know I had a sewing machine and that I actually used to sew long before I started knitting or even crocheting again? Well I have and it was about time I used it once more. My old knitting needle cases were overfilled and I started "storing" my knitting needles in strange places like doorknobs *making skeptical face*

I used to have a classic needle roll for my double pointed needles and a three-fold-flap-over-needle case for my circulars, both I made ages ago and was a little disappointed right after finishing because they already were sort of overfilled even back then, when I only had one needle in each size. Nevertheless I never took the time to make a new one, not until now:

teal needle case closed

teal needle case open

It's inspired by the Della Q, which is a clever design but never featured all sizes I would need. I made ten smaller bags for my 2 mm to 4.5 mm needles and eight bigger bags for all circs with less flexible cables like 5 mm and all bigger sizes. Behind the actual needle cases I added two smaller pockets for my gauge and markers. The whole bag carries 35 circs at the moments and it definitely can carry even more. Below you can find some progress pictures:

teal needle case 1

teal needle case 2

teal needle case 3

teal needle case 4

teal needle case 5

teal needle case 6

teal needle case 7

teal needle case 8

teal needle case 9

it's not completely finished yet, I still need to add some numbered tags to the single pockets, but I want to iron them on so I can still do that whenever I find time for it



oi, didn't play around here in a while and I got so much to show and tell you. I'm on vacation at the moment and knit like crazy, buy yarn like crazy and buy knitting books like crazy. I finished the tendrilous socks a while ago and am working on a pdf at the moment, so all of you can download the complete pattern with all its charts and directions, but I still need to take some pictures and show you how lovely they turned out (I made a picot BO with bigger picots - very neat). And I casted on a new project, the GreenGable-hoodie from Mari Muinonen / tikru, who also designed Sylvi and I made some little progress on my snailigan.

oh, and I got plans for two new colorwork pieces, maybe both will become vests, the first definitely will, I will call it "blossom" and it will have little and big flowers all over and I am going to Hamburg today to get some yarn. The other will be ocean themed, I started drawing and charting little fish and shells and waves and stuff, but still need some final ideas for it.