thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my new needle case, I really love it and might add some instructions info if you like.
Besides sewing I started thinking about a new knitting project, have a few on the needles but a girl can never have too much fun, right? Well the new project will be color work again, I had the idea when I saw a cardigan with flowers all over and found a vest with flowers will be nice as well. And I started charting, little flowers and a "petal path" to break the whole picture a little ;)


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  1. Hio Diana,
    my name is Cristina, and I'm an italian woman who loves crochet, drawing, pianting, cooking and everything is creative!
    Your blog, your amigurumi and your hair are fantastic!
    I like your style!
    Kisses from Italy
    I'm a biologist, your sector is scentific, what's your job?

  2. Hi Christina,

    thanks :)
    I'm biologist as well and currently word for a pharmaceutical company.
    hugs from germany

    p.s. your blog looks great as well


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