what I miss

I need to post one more time today cause I just came across the blog of an artist living in france (Chhuy-Ing IA) that made me aware of how much I miss drawing!!! Her art is awesome have a look.

when browsing through her work I came across her life drawings and these reminded me of old times when I used to draw every day - I miss!!

some little knits

during the last three weeks I didn't knit much but it's enough to show you three finished objects. First I made gaiters for myself. I love to wear gaiters in winter season over my shoes/tights - they keep my feet warm, they look tight and they can hide an extra pair of socks underneath when it's really really cold. This is the first pair that I knitted and I made a little mistake with these: I made them fit my foot not my foot wearing a shoe. Nevertheless I really like them and wear them and know what to change when making my next pair.

I also made cuffs for a friend. She wanted black ones, a bit lacey and what I came up with are these beauties. I added a bit of shaping to make them tighter at the wrist and I added short rows to make the upper part a bit longer than the palm side.

And you might remember my Prince cap for another friend. I know he will love it, cause I do! After knitting it in 2 days it took me quite a while to sew in the ends and sew the facing to the inside of the hat.


sie ist ein Model

wow it's been weeks since my last post, sorry about that, but I have found a new flat in Berlin, I had a cold and I knitted a little bit, not much but enough to post about that tomorrow. Today I want to show you a few pics of my first experience as a model. On 29th of october my sport studio had a feast to celebrate fall and asked me if I wanted to participate as a model - me? was my first thought - I don't see myself as a model, not at all, but I enjoyed the evening alot. Heike Wintzer of Herbstzeitlose hosted the catwalk with some of the clothes she sells which is mostly designer wear. So here are a few impressions from the show:

and this is my favorite picture; I like how happy I look


first snow = big fun

today we had the first snow !!! this morning it was only cold and grey but now it's cold and white :o)
when I got home from work there were a couple of little boys on my train - at every stop they ran out of the train and made snow balls and ran back into the train until the next stop, soon they realized they might bother the other passengers (they were not I found it very funny) and so they started to ask every single person on the train: "are you annoyed?" most just smiled and denied and the boys were laughing! Hilarious - I had a big fat smile on my face leaving the train.

Now I'm torn between the need to make snow angels and my cozy couch . . .

xoxo, Diana