mysteriously walking

so Ludwig can grow further, I didn't take pictures yet but you can give him arms and legs now and Hey a little Mystery in a CAL is never wrong, right? ^__^

new pattern part: download now

typo: on page 5, row 4 of arms it should read: (sc5, m2) x3



sorry for my absence for Ludwig, I'm in bed with a cold and don't feel like crocheting at all, instead I sleep, drink gazillions of peppermint tea, watch DVDs and knitted a bit. Mindless, non-thinking, straight forward knitting, and although I'm in bed for almost four days now I didn't made much progress:


it's a cowl, so I don't catch a new cowl immediately ;P


Ludwig update

the next part of the Ludwig pattern can be downloaded now :) ravelry should have sent the update automatically but in case it didn't you can download it here:

download now

it includes the facial details you can see in the last post. I play along with hair/mane styles in the meantime - there are quite a few ways it can be done :)

oh this is so much fun, I almost had forgotten how much it is, thank you all


Peekaboo - I see you


mew or roar?
a little glimpse at the next part of the CAL pattern, which I will make available on Sunday :)


Ludwig CAL starts now

so the CAL starts right away :)

this is what you will receive with the first part of the pattern:

ludwig 1

the lions head and body and, of course with a behind (which is facing us in this picture) ^__^

you can download the pattern here:

download now

or you can go to ravelry and start the pattern, you will get the new pattern automatically there when I update it :) also you can add comments/questions/pictures at my rav group, I will interact there and answer every question that might occur :)

of course you can also share your comments here as well ^__^

now get your hook ready and choose a color for your lion because I can't wait to meet your lion kings :)

oh, before I forget to mention, next part of the pattern will follow on sunday



when I created the "pattern" page for my CAL at ravelry I needed to name my lion, and since I tend to give my creatures human-like names and I wanted to name my lion something starting with an "L" the first name coming to my mind was Ludwig, quick decision the pattern would be Ludwig, the lion ... but then I started thinking about the name and it turns out Ludwig is a must-have-name for lions, I mean another famous Ludwig with lion like hair was van Beethoven:

and just think of Ludwig XIV - the sun king as well, I mean royal and sunny ;)

Ludwig is for lions ^__^

*pictures taking from wikipedia.com


let's crochet along

who wants to join me? I want to make a lion, simple, cute and little . . . testing a few hair styles, or mane styles in this case ^__^
in case you want to join, I will put up a ravelry pattern for the CAL and update it as I go, maybe you want to share you're pics here as well, or in case of questions or comments or chatting or anything really

I think I will start the CAL in midweek, so keep you're hooks ready