gettin finny with it

since finishing my granny blanket I had some new ami designs in my mind. so I started..
New Mermaid design in progress
and things start to shape.. I will see how time and inspiration lead me further. So far I wish you all a lovely weekend! It's my birthday on Sunday and I will surely eat some donuts ^__^ ♥ Diana


finished .. granny blanket

so I finally finished my first ever granny square blanket. I do admit I'm proud. My first ever granny square turned into a whole blanket. And the granny bug bit me. I can't stop and I won't. These squares are so perfect little in-between projects. Small, easy, fit every pocket, satisfying! just perfect.

granny blanket finished

now let my share some details on this one. It's now 1,30 x 1,56 meter and therefore a little smaller than I calculated first hand, but nevertheless a handsome size.
I started on January 1st this year and finished September 1st (according to my ravelry, beacause when I took the little heavy thing outside this morning to take a few pictures I found two more yarn ends to sew in, but I won't count them, would you? I like to say that I made this whole babe in just eight month).

I used catania yarn all over. The colorways I used are: 249 (gold yellow), 254 (greyish brown) and 262 (minty green). Each ball is 50gramm and I used 41 balls in total. So this makes a little over two kilograms for the whole afghan. Exactly 30 of them were minty green, eight were yellow and of course three were brown. I needed to re-order about 12 balls to finish and only because of the border I used up the first brown ball plus two more. Borders eat yarn! Who knew...

granny blanket finished

The patterns:
the big dahlia square and my notes
my smaller version
a tutorial on how I made my "classic" granny squares will follow (I've learned from the lot of tutorials that can be found already on the interwebs but I made a few changes on the way and want to keep these notes somewhere, what a perfect little place my own blog might be and maybe you will find them interesting as well
and last but not least the border

oh even one more, how I joined all my squares will follow in a separate post as well. you can see a close up below or here

granny blanket finished

granny blanket finished

granny blanket finished

♥ Diana


whoo August 2013

August flew by in a hurry, it's already September, can you believe it? How was your August? Did you spent a nice summer?

1. Something beginning with N: kinda like Nutella but better!! believe me

2. Incomplete: my second Barney, which never received some eyes, sadly enough, he lives in a box meanwhile, I do admit I have a little problem with WIPs, but I'm working on it, I swear

3. Skyline: Berlin, the skyline as seen from my balcony

4. Fresh: drip drip drip

5. Early: the sun is rising, I miss summer mornings

6. This means a lot to me!: my balcony, my plants, life

7. A sign: batman, nanananananaaaa, batman, as seen in Frankfurt (Oder) which isn't the place to expect batman ... nananananaaa

8. Peek-a-boo: clowfish saying Hi!

9. 2 o’clock: late dinner, with pasta, so I did it the easy (which means fast) way, and Pasta never does me wrong, luuurve ya!

10. Beverage: oh this is cool, Banana Milkshake. I've always made this with banana and milk in a blender, but ever since I met Jay and he made it with yoghurt instead of milk I love it so much more. the sour taste of yoghurt really gives a kick to my bananas, yumm!

11. I love doing this!: drawing, sketching, doodling, it frees my mind and I can be productive and creative at the same time

12. Macro: bread, a close-up

13. Fast: we spent the afternoon in Pankow, a district of Berlin in the north, where planes cross the sky like crazy, and so low you can feel the earth move, crazy!

14. Trash: all the yarn ends from my flower granny blanket

15. The best: ups, forgot to take it, but I guess green beans could have been my August-Bestie, yummmmm

16. Cooking: and there we go, soup made from green beens and yoghurt, so good for hot summer days, very refreshing

17. Exercise: my first time at the baltic sea this year. Even though I was working there I couldn't miss the chance to swim. At 6 am I walked through the silent morning and enjoyed the atmosphere and cold water

18. Someone you spoke to today: my sweetheart ♥

19. Lost: a cookie .. I already made a "lost .. in translation" picture with a quick snap of the dictionary, as I couldn't really think of anything else, until I made a walk through the park and found this, I wonder if the kid (as I believe a child lost this cookie) might have left the cookie were it was on purpose, what do you think?

20. Stairs: very typical for Berlin..

21. Slow: snail mail

22. A room: can be found everywere, even in trees

23. Yellow: we spent the evening in the park, sun, deckchairs and sunny drinks

24. In the background: of a lake there is a chapel

25. Culture: reminding me of the "good old days" back when I was at university and studied biology and spent most of my time with bacteria and their cultures

26. Entrance: to my kitchen. Why there is an elf sock you wonder? because I forget to put away one single piece of christmas decoration every single year..sigh

27. 10 minutes from home: I'm leaving town

28. Corridor: I'm again traveling, this time to Neuruppin, what a beautiful place this is!

29. Lucky: I'm one lucky girl to wake up here. so so pretty, and the spa area, oooh I can tell you, to start a day of work in there was worth skippping breakfast

30. Cluttered: a day at the zoo, in Berlin, and this lovely sculpture can be found there too. some icebears all over each other ^__^

31. Dangerous: and a very sad moment this month .. spending the day/night at my boyfriends place is always a little tricky, I guess it would be tricky for every girl. You don't have your normal bath area and all the stuff you have in the right places so you squeeze everything into one tiny bag. This tiny bag also contained my makeup, and to do my makeup I place this bag onto the closed toilet. So, that day my bag collapsed, it fell down to the floor, and some rolled under the bath-tub, which is what you can see here, the dangerous place under the bath-tub. My m.a.c blush also rolled under there and was never seen again. Do you see the white pipe? there is a ginormous blush-eating hole under there .. I'm still sad looking at this picture

hope to see a few lovely days in September as well, which I'm positively looking forward too ^__^