about roadkill and good karma

my new job includes a lot of driving and seems like using the freeways includes a lot of insects that find their death on my windscreen. Thats such a sad picture and today I decided that this can't be good for my karma at all! But is there a way that will not end the lives of so many little critters?

they are kinda cute when put under a microscope, don't you think?


knitting groups are so productive

yesterday I've been to my first knitting in public since being in Berlin. I met 3 wonderful ladies and got to knit the complete second sleeve of my Liesl. Casted off the sleeve in bed and now only need to add buttons and button holes. :)


Hello and good morning

Today I could have slept late but as this always is - I just couldn't! So I take some time and restart on my blog =^___^=
seems like I missed my bloggoversary last week, what a shame, four years of blogging and I miss it. Well happy late bloggoversary to me!

Meanwhile I feel warm and welcome in Berlin, my flat is nearly boxfree and the only thing that is really missing is a new couch (I still sit on the floor and knit) - the balcony starts to get green (yeah!) got several tomato and chilli pepper plated, some chive and arugula and also a few herbs. I built a wardrobe in the corner of my bedroom which will take a little extra post when I hung up the curtains and today I plan to visit one of the local stitch'n'bitches - my first one ever!