about roadkill and good karma

my new job includes a lot of driving and seems like using the freeways includes a lot of insects that find their death on my windscreen. Thats such a sad picture and today I decided that this can't be good for my karma at all! But is there a way that will not end the lives of so many little critters?

they are kinda cute when put under a microscope, don't you think?

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  1. so cute! I think it should give you some good karma :)

  2. Bad experience, but good inspiration ;-) - I like this cute thing and I will remember very soon (on the Road in my car)

  3. How cute of you! That's a lovely little critter!

  4. not a million insects can kill u´r karma, because u are a good soul!!!

    btw...cute little "puck" ;-)

  5. that is cute!!!! my hospital down the street gives these kind of things to the kids when sick!

  6. Hello Diana,
    Well my goodness gracious! I live in Australia and have never ever seen anything so very exquisite. Good on you.You should be so very proud of yourself.
    I am turning 40 this year and have decised to give my life a 'spring clean'. I have been looking for a new hobby. This looks quite an exact craft though. Do I have to be an expert crocheter, I wonder?
    Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, my dear friend. Keep up the good work. Amanda x


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