10 inches gone with the wind

back from the hairdresser, she was young but she did a good job - I lost a lot of hair.
And I feel a little like a new woman now, I mean I LOOK like one. With tons of hair spray and everything blow-dried and styled I look a little like a model from the 80-ties (which is "the" trend) but all in all I think I found someone to do my hair again cause what's more important than a grandious haircut?

oh and I also plan to have a "tutorial october" this year, I've been planing to put up some tutorials for a long time and I think it's about time now. There will be infos on how to start an amgurumi - different ways to crochet in the round and also some infos on how to make knees or how to decrease invisible or how I create my doll eyes, some of you have asked me on this.
How do you like this idea?


I guess . . .

. . . I'll never make an i-cord again!

Hey everybody, I know it's getting sort of quiet around here, it's still this shameful combination of work, more work and secret projects that keep me from blogging BUT I tried a new crochet technique yesterday: macrame! plus I'm having a week off next week - yepp vacations =^_^=

Crochet macrame is not really a NEW technique but it was new to me. I was searching for a new way to create wings for my amigurumis and stumbled over this nice tutorial on macrame in an old issue of Anne magazine. At the beginning of every macrame project you start with long cords, looong crocheted cords, that look terrific and work up pretty fast (if you found out how to start them) and they have a gorgeous and tight feel to the hand and I think I never ever will make i-cord again! I always break my fingers and freak of breaking my knitting needles when I want to make icord, but macrame cords do the same job, almost the same size and shape and they are pretty too


I'm having a date with a hairdresser tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, because I've never been to this barbershop before and don't know who will cut my hair, so I'm nervous - I think some of you ladies will understand me.
You may wonder why I don't have someone I trust and who always does my hair, well my original hairdresser moved away and I searched some years until I found someone new, but when I called last week there was somebody telling me the shop no longer exists!!! The haircutter would come to my home, but this felt too strange to even consider it as a possibilty. So I'm meeting someone new tomorrow and hope this will not ne an aweful mistake - more tomorrow

to give you an idea what macrame can look like, picture from Anne magazine


someone that makes the dishes

my friend Alex just sent me a lovely e-card for my birthday and he adds that I shouldn't do anything that comes close to housework today, he will "send" me somebody

click me, I'll clean

so funny, ridiculously funny


Happy Birthday

to me


yepp, it's my birthday today and also a long time since my last posting, but as I've written before I have been busy **sad smiley**

this last weekend I've been to Berlin, on saturday to meet other crafters and talk about blogs and why they are so improtant for me and for you, and for us all in general at a DaWanda meeting. On sunday I went to a congress and this was ... well it was nice.
But saturday afternoon was so inspiring! I met people who are like me, although I knew there are people like me - I can see them online, but in my near enviroment ? well, my friends like to hear me talking about my new critters and ideas, but they can't relate to my enthusiasm, they just don't know the feeling, sure they have their own things that inspire them, but to create something with your own hands and see the happy faces when you give a doll away and hear the lovely short stories about girls loving their monster trolls and going to the toilet with them and brushing their teeth, that is sort of different! it's great!
So what else did I get from this saturday? friends! and the idea of 'networking', which is nothing more than actually be online and don't hide, to be present and to be continuous. It's cool. There was Holly having a cool talk about blogs and also Nic from Luzia Pimpinella, who almost like myself decided to not study art or graphic design after school in order to learn something safe and proper, something like biology. But she managed to start her own business with these ooooh sooo cute embroideries. A lot of beginners also where there, people just starting out and this feeling in the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife, there was inspiration and love and ... well just smiling faces everywhere, like the one from Katrin, who just started her own blog two days ago!, I guess the inspiring atmosphere had caught her and her companion Barbara to start out, there was an idea, now there is a blog!

I could go on and on, and I'm sure I'm gonna show you some more cool sites of people I met there, but there was also a sunday, of having no breakfast (I needed to leave my hostel at 7 am and breakfast started at 8 am) after that I went to meet my Boss at an interesting congress for ophthalmologists.

at the train home I knitted, I continued at my frog colored shawl project. I actually felt inspired to work on my next amigurumi, but when I wanted to start on it - I had my yarn in front of me, my hook and paper and pencil - the only thing missing, my stitch markers! Damn! I can't create something without markers, when designing markers are as essential as the yarn or idea itself!, well I knitted, and actually made a couple of rows and I enjoyed it, and right now, when talking of knitting I think of Barbara from Sonnenkinder, she also was there on saturdays DaWanda meeting and knitted baby shoes, cute!

two posts ago I promised some kind of 'insight' into my secret project, and now there you go: green nose


Charly Seahorse - the pattern


6,50 USD
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make yourself a little seahorse!
Seahorses are also known as hippocampus and they live in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world.
They are very unique fish, not only do they not look like fish in general, they also swim upright instead of horizontally like other fish. Another crazy fact about them is that the males give birth to their descendants.
Seahorses like to eat small shrimp, tiny fish and plankton, but these prefer chocolate covered strawberries ^__^
Crochet pattern in pdf format, designed for a E / 3.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn, written out in plain English.
This pattern provides a stitch-by-stitch guide.
This pattern is for the advanced beginner with knowledge of crocheting in the round, increasing, and decreasing. Special stitches are explained particularly.
Using a E / 3.5mm hook and the apropriated yarn you should receive a doll about 9 inches / 23 cm high.
But keep in mind that the size of a finished doll strongly hinges on your yarn and needle.
Unlimited email support is included to help you create your dolls.
Thank You!


happy september

gosh - I'm so behind with my blogging, but everyday life is keeping me busy, and there is a secret project I can't tell anybody about, so I didn't really see a reason why to blog. It's kinda annoying to have something cool and can't tell anybody . . . . maybe just a little I'm designing something new (can't tell you what, of course) and it's pretty difficult, at first I had something very different in mind, than what I'm working on right now, and maybe I could show you a little Work-In-Progress-Picture this evening of my first trials, it has a nose, a freaking cute nose, though it still needed some improvements.

oh and maybe not as interesting as my amigurumi but I'm thinking of getting my hair cut short, again. I had short hair nearly all my life (except when I was a kid, mommies want their girls to have long hair), and only let it grow again for the last 3 or 4 years, I like my long hair, but it's a lot of work and even though one has got a lot more choices of how to do ones hair it's still a simple ponytail that sits on my head.
When I saw Americas last Top Model Yoanna House I found the winners hair to be very cute, and now I've seen Pinks new video 'so what' and found her haircut to be the right hair cut for me

sigh so important decisions to make