happy september

gosh - I'm so behind with my blogging, but everyday life is keeping me busy, and there is a secret project I can't tell anybody about, so I didn't really see a reason why to blog. It's kinda annoying to have something cool and can't tell anybody . . . . maybe just a little I'm designing something new (can't tell you what, of course) and it's pretty difficult, at first I had something very different in mind, than what I'm working on right now, and maybe I could show you a little Work-In-Progress-Picture this evening of my first trials, it has a nose, a freaking cute nose, though it still needed some improvements.

oh and maybe not as interesting as my amigurumi but I'm thinking of getting my hair cut short, again. I had short hair nearly all my life (except when I was a kid, mommies want their girls to have long hair), and only let it grow again for the last 3 or 4 years, I like my long hair, but it's a lot of work and even though one has got a lot more choices of how to do ones hair it's still a simple ponytail that sits on my head.
When I saw Americas last Top Model Yoanna House I found the winners hair to be very cute, and now I've seen Pinks new video 'so what' and found her haircut to be the right hair cut for me

sigh so important decisions to make

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