instead of WIP wedneday

today I want to share a finished object, yay!

Ginkgo is off the needles and blocked and already wearing super lovely.



pattern: Ginkgo shoulderette shawl is written super lovely, worked up beautifully

started: October, 1st, this year

finished: November, 10th, also this year ^__^

yarn: 100% merino, bought from a local manufactory called Hamburger Wollfabrik. I've used a 4ply, which is my favorite. I've also tried 2, 3, 6, 8 and 12 ply (on other projects) as you can ask for any number of strands together you want. And the honey color is just beautiful, I find it really makes my eyes pop

modifications: quite a few actually. First I worked this into a cowl instead of the classic triangular shawl it comes. I will write up some detailed "instructions" in a separate post. I also elongated the lace part a few repeats and skipped the yo's in favor of increases made from the stitch below in the middle rip. I wouldn't like a lacy "bone" right in front of my neck. I'd be afraid of wind blowing in and making me freeze.

overall it came out a lot smaller than my first "shawl into cowl" transformation but it's still a very decent size and warms wonderfully.

knitting hugs - Sunday will be the first December and the start of my Advent Calendar - I'm already a little excited, Diana


drop drop


yarn bleeding, wow, I didn't see this in ages. I don't mind though, copper red on my coppery red hair will not damage anything ^__^ and I believe it's just because this merino was standing next to the window for a while. So a little vinegar will do the trick.

on the other hand some info on my CCCAL (I can't believe how many C's I squeezed in here) and the CCKAL. The crochet project will be an amigurumi, so if you already know your favorite yarn/hook combo go for that. I use catania with a E hook (3.5mm). For colors I recommend something green and something skin colored. If you want to go a little extra snazzy, catch some red as well.
Knittingwise, well for colors I would say fetch something that suits you, maybe a lovely cream with your dark brown hair? or a blue if your blond? you choose. Which weight and needle? I used a worsted and a 4.5mm needle. My gauge was 9.5sts/2inches. In the end I went for 99sts/21inches.

I hope this helps, prepare your holiday spirits, we'll start soon



'tis the season

hohoho, I'll be having another advent calendar this year.


I'm pretty excited and really hope you will be too. I've planed a CCCAL (christmas calendar crochet along ^__^) and a CCKAL (christmas calendar knit along) and some recipes and snow and joy and jolly and all this cool stuff. Spread the word if you like this. I can't wait for december to come closer

hohoho hugs, Diana

oh, btw, Barney can be found here


WIP Wednesday 5

Just a very quick hello and update. I'm currently very busy with work and some exciting news for the blog.

Ginkgo is bound off and blocking in my shower.



Also I've made some progress on Klara, she's got hair now :-)

And for the exciting news for the blog, I'm sure you'll love it and I'll post details in the next few days. So long have a wonderful day or night (whatever you're up to) ^__^ hugs, Diana


Hello Fall - Goodbye October 2013

October is over, on one hand I need to say finally! but then again looking back, it was a really wonderful month. I enjoyed so much of it ♥ At the moment life couldn't be nicer, even though there are ups and downs, there are all those up-moments that I wouldn't even realize without the down-moments. Thank you October.
Now on to my list, I wonder if I ever will manage to show you a full month of pictures. I try real hard, but again I've missed a few. I don't mind if you won't ^__^ have fun watching and reading:

1. Something colourful: my mac eyeshadow palette - every spring and fall I take a little time to resort these, to make them fit the season we're running into.

2. Light: this felt like a challenge throughout the whole day, light? but when we were out for dinner at night it hit me. The restaurant we've chosen was the perfect opportunity. We went to a dark-restaurant. So I figured the complete absence of light was a nice clue on this days topic. Eating without any light is a little difficult at first but once you start organizing your table and feel the shape or your food with your knife and fork it's no longer so hard to do. I liked this evening

3. You today: October the third in German Unity Day and I spent the afternoon with friends in the park enjoying the beautiful weather (I know it looks super sunny, it WAS super sunny but also super cold)

4. In motion: the picture is a little older but fitted so perfectly, I was "in motion" that day as well, driving between my flat and his flat and the knitting group at night :)

5. Afternoon: yes there was one, do I remember it? no, so it wasn't too bad or too good I suppose

6. 8 o’clock: early morning - well I was near my sink, where were you?

7. What you saw today: I saw a bit more, but this was pretty significant. Throughout the day I didn't feel too well, so for lunch I only bought these buns and some creamcheese. But eating made me feel even worse, so I drove home from work early and saw these buns one more time, you probably didn't want to hear this, but that's the way it was

8. Corner: still having a very bad stomach I spent the day at home and there was one of my cupboards corner photo ready and looking good

9. Pink: part of Tracy Andersons complete body workout DVD, I try to sport with this one once or twice a week

10. Hands: I had such a super cool idea for this photo but I never found the time to actually try to take it, weird

11. M is for…: mushrooms, a little fall impression

12. Below: I was on a workshop for the weekend and wanted to take a picture looking down from my balcony, but no picture...

13. Watching: dinner disappear, aren't his plates lovely?

14. Favourite space: is in his arms .. and in his arms I don't have my camera with me to capture the moment, although I'd love to have a picture of this moment ♥

15. Secret: sssh! I colour my hair, it's blond naturally but since I was 15 or 16 I keep going back to red, nowadays I like coppery tones the most

16. Leafy: another fall impression .. the first weeks of fall are my absolute favorites, all these colors, amazing, a-ma-zing!

17. First world problem: which one shall I eat next?

18. Still: taking a walk throughout my lunch break, enjoying the silence and view

19. A good day: indeed it was, one of my favorite childhood dishes for lunch (eggs with a mustard-sauce) and the pool in the afternoon and a dvd after we put his daughter to bed

20. Open: the world? the window? my mind? yes, but no picture, hmm

21. Then + now: casting on and progress, this I why I love knitting, the creative progress

22. Change: fall ♥♥♥

23. Your mood today: tired .. you don't want to see me yawning, do you?

24. Dark: I bought a new toy, and love it! my first tablet, an android device, the new google nexus 7

25. Welcome: while working I crossed a wonderful doormat, but I had a coach with me and I would have felt a bit awkward taking pictures of other peoples doormats..

26. Depth of field: this was a difficult task and an awful day to ask such an artwork. We had a terrible fight in the evening and I was left crying like a baby. So I just took a old picture from the Berlin Zoo and added the blurr filter to create some depth of field

27. Peaceful: after talking a lot in the morning, this was my first cup of coffee that day, pretty late (around midday) but so good and peaceful, I don't like fuzzing and fighting and always feel a lot better when things have calmed down

28. Just for you: chocolate, Lindt, salted caramel, oh my, it's sooo freaking good! and I will add a second picture too, you need to see a piece of it, maybe watching a piece will give you satisfaction too? no? me neither, I want one .. NOW

29. Hair: finally added the fake fur hood to my jacket, winter is definitely coming along

30. Wet: I'm so tempted to take the picture I've missed here right now. I planned to photograph a running water tap/faucet and it would be so easy, just for the art of it, but I will live with the knowing that I missed another day, and that it's okay.

31. Treat: I know all you halloweeny people out there think of trick or treats and therfore chocolates, which I love, just see above, but an apple a day, you know the talk, I like fruits too!

I hope your Octobers were as fabulous as mine, read you soon, Diana