Hello Fall - Goodbye October 2013

October is over, on one hand I need to say finally! but then again looking back, it was a really wonderful month. I enjoyed so much of it ♥ At the moment life couldn't be nicer, even though there are ups and downs, there are all those up-moments that I wouldn't even realize without the down-moments. Thank you October.
Now on to my list, I wonder if I ever will manage to show you a full month of pictures. I try real hard, but again I've missed a few. I don't mind if you won't ^__^ have fun watching and reading:

1. Something colourful: my mac eyeshadow palette - every spring and fall I take a little time to resort these, to make them fit the season we're running into.

2. Light: this felt like a challenge throughout the whole day, light? but when we were out for dinner at night it hit me. The restaurant we've chosen was the perfect opportunity. We went to a dark-restaurant. So I figured the complete absence of light was a nice clue on this days topic. Eating without any light is a little difficult at first but once you start organizing your table and feel the shape or your food with your knife and fork it's no longer so hard to do. I liked this evening

3. You today: October the third in German Unity Day and I spent the afternoon with friends in the park enjoying the beautiful weather (I know it looks super sunny, it WAS super sunny but also super cold)

4. In motion: the picture is a little older but fitted so perfectly, I was "in motion" that day as well, driving between my flat and his flat and the knitting group at night :)

5. Afternoon: yes there was one, do I remember it? no, so it wasn't too bad or too good I suppose

6. 8 o’clock: early morning - well I was near my sink, where were you?

7. What you saw today: I saw a bit more, but this was pretty significant. Throughout the day I didn't feel too well, so for lunch I only bought these buns and some creamcheese. But eating made me feel even worse, so I drove home from work early and saw these buns one more time, you probably didn't want to hear this, but that's the way it was

8. Corner: still having a very bad stomach I spent the day at home and there was one of my cupboards corner photo ready and looking good

9. Pink: part of Tracy Andersons complete body workout DVD, I try to sport with this one once or twice a week

10. Hands: I had such a super cool idea for this photo but I never found the time to actually try to take it, weird

11. M is for…: mushrooms, a little fall impression

12. Below: I was on a workshop for the weekend and wanted to take a picture looking down from my balcony, but no picture...

13. Watching: dinner disappear, aren't his plates lovely?

14. Favourite space: is in his arms .. and in his arms I don't have my camera with me to capture the moment, although I'd love to have a picture of this moment ♥

15. Secret: sssh! I colour my hair, it's blond naturally but since I was 15 or 16 I keep going back to red, nowadays I like coppery tones the most

16. Leafy: another fall impression .. the first weeks of fall are my absolute favorites, all these colors, amazing, a-ma-zing!

17. First world problem: which one shall I eat next?

18. Still: taking a walk throughout my lunch break, enjoying the silence and view

19. A good day: indeed it was, one of my favorite childhood dishes for lunch (eggs with a mustard-sauce) and the pool in the afternoon and a dvd after we put his daughter to bed

20. Open: the world? the window? my mind? yes, but no picture, hmm

21. Then + now: casting on and progress, this I why I love knitting, the creative progress

22. Change: fall ♥♥♥

23. Your mood today: tired .. you don't want to see me yawning, do you?

24. Dark: I bought a new toy, and love it! my first tablet, an android device, the new google nexus 7

25. Welcome: while working I crossed a wonderful doormat, but I had a coach with me and I would have felt a bit awkward taking pictures of other peoples doormats..

26. Depth of field: this was a difficult task and an awful day to ask such an artwork. We had a terrible fight in the evening and I was left crying like a baby. So I just took a old picture from the Berlin Zoo and added the blurr filter to create some depth of field

27. Peaceful: after talking a lot in the morning, this was my first cup of coffee that day, pretty late (around midday) but so good and peaceful, I don't like fuzzing and fighting and always feel a lot better when things have calmed down

28. Just for you: chocolate, Lindt, salted caramel, oh my, it's sooo freaking good! and I will add a second picture too, you need to see a piece of it, maybe watching a piece will give you satisfaction too? no? me neither, I want one .. NOW

29. Hair: finally added the fake fur hood to my jacket, winter is definitely coming along

30. Wet: I'm so tempted to take the picture I've missed here right now. I planned to photograph a running water tap/faucet and it would be so easy, just for the art of it, but I will live with the knowing that I missed another day, and that it's okay.

31. Treat: I know all you halloweeny people out there think of trick or treats and therfore chocolates, which I love, just see above, but an apple a day, you know the talk, I like fruits too!

I hope your Octobers were as fabulous as mine, read you soon, Diana

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