about flowers and butterflies

I visited my home town on tuesday, picked up my brother and we both went to see the current garden exhibition. The exhibition area is huge and the organisators planed it very well, surrounding our beautiful castle. The castle was first built in 1160 and now presents its full beauty again after several years of restoration. It's been a great day with lots and lots of ladybugs, butterflies, flowers and castle pictures, but have a look yourself:

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

in case you'ld like to see a few more pictures


feeling better

a lot better, thank you all so much who thought of me, your wishes and even e-cards were helping alot to get healthy again.

I'm feeling that good I not only made words from letter cookies

I also started crocheting again, a snow white custom order seahorse. It's so white I am afraid to dirty it, eating cherries and plums and sauces of tomatoes all day - not a good combination =^__^=


feeling ill

I'm ill and spent the weekend in bed with some lemony mint tea and tissues.
The blog still sleeps and dreams of new pictures of Draco and little piglets made from my critters pattern.


a plan is a plan is a plan

you haven't heard of me in a while and that is simply because I have a lot to do that has not much to do with my crafting. This week I spent 3 days on the train traveling forth and back and forth and back once more, I read alot but didn't used any yarn. I almost finished my Schrecksenmeister and already found my favorite part of the whole book, it's when Fjodor asks Echo if he knew how far the stars are away from us, if they seem closer or farer away than the moon. And Echo answers "you mean the holes in the sky? They are made by the man in the moon who poked them into the sky with his moonneedle to let the sun shine through it because she's sleeping behind it" - isn't that the most adorable answer you ever heard?
The weather turned colder again, which is great, no honestly I don't like sweaty weather, the only not so nice thing was that me and a few friends had a BBQ planed for yesterday. But as the title of this post says 'a plan is a plan is a plan' so no matter the rain and wind we grilled. Below some of our bun-suns. I made tons of herbs butter and garlic butter and garlic cream cheese and tomato sauce and tzaziki and honey mustard.


summer heat

this sticky warm weather is killing me, or better my craftiness. Even though the forcast mentioned rain for today there wasn't any, it only feels like there might be rain, which is even worse.
No crochet in the last two days, although I started on vampire hair on monday which needs to be unraveled since I won't have enough space for eyes, so no picture today.

How do you like Dracos? is it an appropriate name for a [cute] vampire?

And today I had my first driving lesson in eleven years. Sooner or later I will have an official car and I haven't sit behind a wheel ever since I made my drivers license so I thought I need a few lessons to get me back on the road. - It was okay, I feared it will be a disaster but it wasn't - actually I think I drove pretty good.

And due to the weather all I do now is drinking cold drinks on the couch and enjoying the evening.