summer heat

this sticky warm weather is killing me, or better my craftiness. Even though the forcast mentioned rain for today there wasn't any, it only feels like there might be rain, which is even worse.
No crochet in the last two days, although I started on vampire hair on monday which needs to be unraveled since I won't have enough space for eyes, so no picture today.

How do you like Dracos? is it an appropriate name for a [cute] vampire?

And today I had my first driving lesson in eleven years. Sooner or later I will have an official car and I haven't sit behind a wheel ever since I made my drivers license so I thought I need a few lessons to get me back on the road. - It was okay, I feared it will be a disaster but it wasn't - actually I think I drove pretty good.

And due to the weather all I do now is drinking cold drinks on the couch and enjoying the evening.

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  1. Wampir, Vamppo, Batgurumi, Zé Vampir, Vampirinho, Vampir boy, Vampir baby,

  2. Love Draco!

    And we are going through driving lessons with our 16 yr. old. All I can say is -- ugh.


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