how ironic!

yesterday I made good progress on my vampire doll. and then I made garlic butter!

so far the two get along well - and me and vampire (I don't have a name yet) get along too, I think I'm not too smelly =^__^= or maybe its nose does not function that good?

(the body is alot smaller than my normal doll bodies and the head is a bit bigger and also has a new shape. And I decided on a nose too, think it's kind of cute)


now that I look at the pictures this body can also work as a star trek mr. Spok doll. So far I only found the shape of the head reminds me of doozers, you know the little 'construction workers' from the fraggles.

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  1. Hmmm - is it my smell or urs? I think both ;-)

    No name yet? What about Garly? Just spontaneous.

  2. it looks great!!! I can't wait to see the finished result ;)
    mmm... but who does not like Garlic Bread??


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