sie ist ein Model

wow it's been weeks since my last post, sorry about that, but I have found a new flat in Berlin, I had a cold and I knitted a little bit, not much but enough to post about that tomorrow. Today I want to show you a few pics of my first experience as a model. On 29th of october my sport studio had a feast to celebrate fall and asked me if I wanted to participate as a model - me? was my first thought - I don't see myself as a model, not at all, but I enjoyed the evening alot. Heike Wintzer of Herbstzeitlose hosted the catwalk with some of the clothes she sells which is mostly designer wear. So here are a few impressions from the show:

and this is my favorite picture; I like how happy I look

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  1. Wonderful!!
    So good to see you blogging, but so good to see you in pics too! Glad you're feeling better!

  2. I have to tell you your hair is gorgeous! :D


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