Hook missing

argh, I miss a hook, I was just swatching for a new top (the razor cami from Katie Marcus; btw does linking to ravelry work for people who are not there?) cause I want to get back to my green fishnet stockings and I want some knitting skills back before going there.

Nevertheless I miss this hook, I normally bind off with a crochet hook slightly bigger than the knitting needle I used and now I can't find my 4.5mm hook, damn! I have no idea where it could be, since I just reorganzised my whole stuff and didn't see it while doing so. It's frustrating

I also made progress on the flower pot, I started assembling all three flowers so there will be the promised "lawn", also added some bobbles of different sizes to create a nice grassy effect, looks pretty cute, but it's to dark now to make good pics, and I need to have good pics to show you what exactly I did since I don't have a real pattern - it's kinda freeform, but not that complicated. Will give the infos tomorrow.

so long

I'm off to bed

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