flower pot - eight, a lawn to be

so the flower pot is growing again. As mentioned yesterday I started assembling the three flowers together. To do so isn't very difficult alltough I can't really give you a real pattern, it is quite freeform but I tell you how I did it and I believe it will be a good guide.

oh first I need to tell you I made 6 more rows of stem for the two blooming flowers (I didn't edit this in the former posts yet)
so that is now 36 rows for the pink/white flower and 41 rows for the pale pink flower.

when all flowers have the size you want them to grow *giggle* you go on like this

make 2 sc in every sc in the first row
and *m2, sc1* till end of row two

now you need to attach all flowers together. I hope this picture clarifies what I mean. There will be stitches of every flower that you don't crochet anymore, so you continue to crochet around the first flower about two thirds - then add the second flower and crochet another two thirds around, add the third flower and you got all flowers 'bond' together.
in this third row increase like following: *sc2, m2* till end of whole row (which is all three flowers for each about two thirds of the circumference)

now increase every other row like follows:
*sc3, m2* in the fourth row
*sc4, m2* in the fifth row
*sc5, m2* in the sixth row
and so on until you have the lawn size you desire.

a big thing also is, that when being "between two flowers" (ie. in the valley of a row I decreased one or two stitches)
one stitch in the first rows after assembling and two times in every other row, also I found to decrease with dc instead of sc to be quite useful, since the row itself would become more even, so your lawn will become more of a cirle than this roller coaster rows (hope you can understand what I mean, if not just leave a message)

also I added bobbles wherever I liked to add some texture to the lawn, I think it resembles some kind of grass.

now either you make the lawn as big as you like, like a hill or something (I would only increase as mentioned above every second row after I have some circumference, so it would look more like a hill and simply crochet a 'plate' (increasing 6sts evenly spread) to have a base for your hill and stuff this hill


like I will do, make an earth clog that the lawn will be sewn to and added to a potery flower pot.

hope to be finished until this weekend (it's mayday soon, a whole day for me to use my hooks and needles ^__^)

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  1. I usually don't like crocheted flowers, but I fell in love with yours. You are just so talented.
    I must say your beautiful work makes me smile.
    Wonder what a christmas tree designed by you would look like.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Teddie Seeley


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