about cologne, Emma, cats and elks

last weekend I went to cologne to visit a friend of mine

packed in my bag I had pattern and yarn to start on a table tree and yarn to start a new amigurumi, an elk, with turtleneck sweater.
First I realised that trying to crochet with pattern lying on your legs in a fast riding train and people rising and sitting down next to you is quite nerve-racking, so I decided to give up on the tree (a christmas tree, I desperatly tried to find the pattern for and thanks to Jodi, who send me a copy I could start out on this one; thank you again Jodi, this tree is swirling around my thoughts and I won't give up, it's supposed to be two shades of green)
So I started with an elk, my amigurumis are quite alike in the beginning, so I hadn't had a pattern on my lap and crocheting was quite nice, two hours later I had a head (needed to frog it twice since I didn't realy liked its shape) and a turtleneck, which will be frogged as well - it's worked the wrong way round)

arriving at cologne there was some kind of calm in the air, which later turned out to be the herald of deep depression Emma, not much rain but a lot of wind she brought with her.
Saturday we made a sightseeing trip, some of my pictures are windy others are dark, and beeing a group of three (the guide, my friend and I) it's been a cool day nevertheless.

dark and stormy dome

the "Heinzelmännchen" fountain

the only really upsetting thing: my friend has got cats and although he claimed that I won't react allergic to his cats - I did. Coughing and sneezing all the day (and night)
the cats are nice and after hugging them I straight went to rinse my hands (cause what kind of yarni would I be without love for cats, he?)

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