the knitting and a pizza

oh, Bloggy, your last comment was a bit rude, don't you think? Readers do you agree with me? wasn't Bloggy a little snappish?
But Bloggy, you know I'm nice and will show you more of my knitting now. It is lace, sort of, as you suspected. I'm knitting an afghan with a very pretty lace pattern by Herbert Niebling (link to his ravelry pattern page). It's his "Eichenlaub" (oakleaves) and I'm using worsted weight yarn instead of lace weight because ever since I've seen the Hemlock Ring Blanket I decided that any beautiful doily/lace/shawl pattern could be turned into an unique afghan/throw by changing yarn weight. And there I go now knitting a warming throw for my couch in the middle of summer heat.


and I made pizza today, I'm still getting used to my new oven and this pizza turned out better than any before it. I'm admitting I feel a little proud.

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  1. Bad bloggy. V rude.
    Your knitting is very lovely and yummo pizza too.



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