Hi Bloggy,

well .. I don't really know where to start [scratching my head], I didn't meant to hurt your feelings, I didn't know you had feelings, for you have always been so quiet and shy and you always, always held your peace. But I am sorry, really, let me apologize. And didn't even know what kept me so long, I mean you are right I did knit a little next to you on my sofa, not much though, only a little, summer came around and with the warm weather yarn isn't as joyful as it is in winter, but still I like you and the summer isn't much of an explanation, is it? Also life just happened to be there and work and everything, I started jogging and I learned how to prune tomatoes and I decorated my balcony, I enjoy my balcony alot lately, this year I will have food there !! yay
I also spent a bit of time on youtube, I even found a video on procrastinating and I was reminded of you and then I felt guilty for not even visiting you to say "hi" and I just couldn't come around for I was believing you might not like me anymore and that's how I was away, I also read alot, like the Hunger Games trilogy (which was very very good, by the way), I was sort of busy I guess ...

anyways I will promise to better care for you, honestly, I don't like that you felt all left alone and neglected.


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